Mushroom Baran (Mataka, Kurchavaya Grifol) from the Red Book photo and description, therapeutic properties, how it looks and where it grows

Griffola curly, he is a mushroom-baran, Matake and a dancing mushroom-an edible mushroom. This is a rather rare and unusual type of mushrooms listed in the Red Book. Is a large representative of labor mushrooms that grow on old trees or stumps. Is of great value as a mushroom that has a number of properties useful for humans.


Metack grow near the ground to the foundations of trees. This mushroom has an unusual appearance for our eye, because it is not just a hat on the leg. Curky griffole has an internal tuber base, from which many branched legs grow, on the top of which hats form. The hats themselves reach up to 8 centimeters of length. Their appearance is represented by a fan of caps that lean on each other.

The color of the hats is predominantly brown or dark gray. It is extremely rare to meet these mushrooms with a white color of hats. The lower part consists of small whitish pores, from where Matake produces disputes. The diameter of the entire mushroom reaches a length of length. Weight can fluctuate from 2 to 20 kilograms. Many mycologists attribute curly grief to saprophotrophes that live thanks to dead organic substances.

Some mycologists are inclined to the fact that the MITKA parasitic mushroom.

Where to looking for

Since this species is considered small, its distribution area is extremely scent. It is found only in latitudes with a temperate climate. Located in some countries of Asia and Europe, as well as in the east of North America and Australia. In Eurasia, the mushroom-baraban is found only in the Far East and the Volga region. Grows in the season from midsummer to autumn. It is quite difficult to notice a mushroom in the forest, since it merges with a wood bark.

Useful properties and application

Starting from ancient times, curly griffole has been used in folk medicine. It has good antiseptic properties in dried form. Also accelerates the healing process of wounds and ulcers on the skin. As a decoction, it copes with inflammatory processes in the body. Previously, Matake was used for diseases of hypertension and digestive organs. Hargling grillets must be harvested in August or September. Young mushrooms are taken for drugs, since the old ones have a bitter taste. Mushrooms are stored in a dry room up to three years.

Until now, scientists have more and more opportunities for this mushroom for use for medicinal purposes (list of all therapeutic mushrooms). This tool copes with the side symptoms of various cancer diseases. Even in cosmetology, this mushroom was involved, since it helps to cleanse the pores and adds the skin of elasticity and elasticity.

Curling vulture excellent ingredient for the preparation of many dishes. This mushroom is endowed with a pleasant smell and taste. Only young mushrooms go to food, since they have the most vivid taste characteristics. However, before use, it is necessary to carry out thorough heat treatment. Mushrooms in cooking either boil or fried. Exotic lovers fall curly griffole as a separate dish. In raw mayatake, they do not recommend.


If Maitaka was recently assembled, it should be eaten within two days. It is necessary to store it only in the refrigerator in a special glass container. For these purposes, you can use plastic.

Tincture from the mushroom

To make tincture, you need to cut the mushroom into small pieces, put them in vodka. The infusion should be drunk half an hour before eating for 3-4 months.


He has a much greater effect on the body. Accepting the extract, women practically do not feel the onset of premenstrual syndrome. It is used for high pressure and obesity. However, before use, you should go to the doctor for consultation.

Risk factors

The chicken griffin usually does not cause discomfort in the stomach and intestines, if you do not eat it with raw.
Usually it is not recommended for children under 12. It can also harm if you use it during pregnancy. With caution, people with hypertension, poor blood coagulation should be treated with makeup. The fungus can be dangerous for those who have autoimmune diseases.

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