Mushroom fungus photo and description, therapeutic properties, application and where they grow

This mushroom belongs to the funny family and the class of basiamicetes. The mushroom is a saprotroph, but sometimes it forms mycorrhizes with a beech or oak. In the early stages of development, the length of the fungus is about 4-5 cm, and the width of about three.

What a fun looks like

At the initial stage, the body of the mushroom is ovoid, its color can vary from grayish to white. At the base of the fun there is a mycelial litter. When cutting, you can see the yellow mass with the smell of radish and the undeveloped hat of the green mushroom, which is called gleboy. The body of the mushroom protects the white film, under which the mucous membrane is located. In this state, the mushroom will be several weeks.

In the process of ripening, the inner shell breaks, forming several blades. Further, the mushroom grows in about half an hour. The greenish leg of the cheerful begins to rise, which is a hollow inside. Its height can vary from 10 to 20 centimeters. The thickness of the leg is about 4 cm. There is a “hat” of a light color on the leg, which is a repository of sporebearing fluid. This layer smells quite unpleasant than attracts flies. They carry the spores of the mushroom. When it is done, sporebearing mucus ceases to exude the smell fell.

However, the type of Phallus impudicus togatus also has a net that strengthens the smell falling and creates the best place for insects. But the appearance of a mature fun remains unchanged: a mushroom hat in the shape of a bell, its top is flat and has a hole.

The history of the mushroom

The name of the common funny kind was used for the first time by Unius-the Dutch scientist who lived in the 17th century. Later, already in the 18th century, the Italian mycologist Mikeli decided that Phallus is a mushroom. He included two types there. In 1753, Karl Linnaeus the creator of the species, gave the types of the genus Phallus the name, namely: an edible grip and a funny fun.

Where it grows

The fun is growing in Eurasia, in the territory with a temperate climate, in Europe and in the territory near the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The fun is common in the Caucasus. You can meet the mushroom in broadleaved forests. There he will hide in shrubs or in the grass. However, the chance to meet the colony of mushrooms in the same place as before is small. Fruit the mushroom from midsummer to the beginning of autumn. Fun does not tolerate frosts poorly. This mushroom can be eaten when it looks like an egg. The skin should always be removed before use with spore mucus. Raw cheerle to taste like cabbage.

Therapeutic properties

The fun is known for actively fighting tumors. Components such as phenols with sterols prevent the growth of harmful cells or completely destroy them. Flavonoids and terpenes, which improve the mood, eliminating stress, also contains stress.

The extract of this fungus helps to fight venous thrombosis, in which blood clots form in the veins. This may have a death for people with breast cancer. The fun extract helps to prevent the creation of blood clots in the body, it can be used just for prevention. Another healing property is antistress action. In folk medicine, many countries use mushrooms to combat rheumatism, gout and epilepsy. In India, for many centuries, he was accepted for the treatment of typhoid. No less interesting that the mushroom contains phytosteroids that provide it with the title.

In Eurasia, healers and healers call the merry oil and believe that it can reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension, can fight cholesterol plaques in the vessels, thereby not allowing the development of atherosclerosis, destroy the herpes and hepatitis virus and hepatitis.

It is also believed that the merit has an immunomodulating effect on the body with cancer, since the body begins to produce a perforin that stops the growth of tumors when consuming an extract. Substances that make up the mushroom can fight both sarcoma and melanoma and cysts. Fun extract is effective for leukemia. This mushroom is no less useful for gastritis with an ulcer. Use it to combat hemorrhoids, fistulas in the rectum. The fungus is suitable for the destruction of cytomegalovirus and other hidden infections. Many eat it for the treatment of paralysis and thyroid diseases.

Ointments consisting of a bustle, perfectly cope with grooves and bites. They have an anesthetic effect.


Pregnant and nursing women should refrain from using a fun. It is impossible for him and patients with psoriasis, scleroderma and other autoimmune diseases. Low pressure people should also not eat mushroom for food due to its hypotonic properties. Mushrooms can harm young children who have not reached 5 years.

Ointments, tinctures and other compositions containing a cheerful can cause allergies. With excessive use, nausea may appear, headache. Before consuming the mushroom, you should consult a doctor.


According to all adherents of traditional medicine, the most useful composition from the fun is its juice. It can be obtained throughout all the stages of mushroom maturation. Most of the healing properties of the juice that was obtained from the mushroom at the egg stage. It helps to fight hypertension and sarcoma. For the treatment of skin diseases and articular pain, you need juice of a ripened cheerful along with sporebearing mucus. Many Russian healers treat her and eczema.

To prepare the mushroom for the creation of tinctures, ointments and other compositions, you need to wipe the egg mushroom with a rag, cut and pour with moisture or oil. If the mushrooms were frozen, they should be warming them at room temperature, just putting it off for half an hour.

It is important that you need to create powder from dried mushrooms only before creating the infusion. Moreover, you need to dry them strictly at a temperature of +30. After this procedure, the rainbow must be ground with a coffee grinder. The resulting mixture is often used as a seasoning. However, he is able to cure ulcers on the skin. To do this, sprinkle problem areas with them 3 times a day.


There is a universal recipe that is used to prepare tinctures. It will take only 50 g of thawed mushrooms and vodka. The “eggs” of the fun should be poured with 150-200 ml of vodka and hold on the refrigerator shelf for 2-3 weeks. You don’t need to filter tincture. You need to use 1-3 teaspoons inside. For the treatment of hypertension, you need to drink only 1 such spoon twice a day. In the fight against the tumor, you should take the same amount, but consume inside three times a day. To eliminate arthritis and radiculitis, the tincture is also drunk one dessert spoon 1-2 times a day, but a couple of hours before bedtime should be diluted in water, moisten a rag or napkin in this solution and wrap it with a problematic place. Moreover, the proportion during preparation should be 1: 3.  The course of treatment aimed at prevention should be repeated several times a year, a month. In the fight against any disease, its duration should increase to 3 months.

This tincture helps in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers. It is diluted in 60 ml of cold water and drunk several times a day before eating. Duration determines the disease: with an ulcer, the duration of treatment is about a month, and with gastritis-only 1-2 weeks.

The same tincture can be used to combat mastopathy. Water and clay are added to it, creating a cake, which must be applied to the chest. Usually the cake is left for the whole night. The next morning they wash the breasts thoroughly. It is preferably at the same time 15 ml of tincture several times a day for 30 days.

Another useful thing that can be done from the fun is ointment. But you can make it only from mushroom juice. So, you should put fresh mushrooms in the jar. After a couple of storage months, a sufficient amount of juice will be released. Autoizate can be stored longer, the main thing is less than 5 years. To make an ointment, you need to mix the juice of mushrooms and the base consisting of triatanolamine with stearic acid with a proportion of 1: 1. To combat the ovary cysts, about half a liter of ointment is needed. The course of treatment usually lasts from a month to 5. The ointment must be rubbed into places that are close to the tumor. To get rid of acne and make the skin more fit, it is treated with problem areas.

Ointment from a cheerful

Another medical composition is oil. It fights ulcer and hypotension, provides prevention after cancer. Helps oil and patients with flu, hepatitis. It also fights kidney diseases. Preparing it is simple: 2 tablespoons of dried cheerful powder should be poured with half a liter of olive oil. All this should be in a tightly closed container for two weeks. Take oil on a teaspoon 2-3 times a day. You need to do this 3 months.

Interesting Facts

  1. The first mention of the merry belongs to the era of ancient Rome.
  2. The fun is edible at an early stage of development, while hidden in peridia. At the moment of growth of the fruit body, this mushroom becomes conditionally edible. When the mushroom has completely matured and exudes the smell of rot, it cannot be eaten. And when the merry is overrepted, it can cause poisoning and even provoke a fatal outcome.
  3. Due to the terrible smell that accompanies a mature mushroom, the people called the stinks of a sweatshirt.
  4. The merry can grow both in colonies and one by one.
  5. Raw mushrooms are low-calorie-they only have 15-20 kcal, but after drying their calorie content increases to 200 kcal.
  6. Growth rate of this mushroom sometimes reaches several mm per minute. I wonder that this overtakes the growth rate of bamboo.
  7. It is the polysaccharides in the bustle of the cheerful that they kill cancer cells, destroying their membrane.
  8. The analgesic effect of the fungus is provided by alcoholids.
  9. At the moment, in France, the cheerful is willingly added to salads and eaten raw. In the past, raw mushrooms were eaten with salt or sour cream.
  10. Recently, scientists have found that tincture from the fun helps to overcome the difficult period of rehabilitation after a stroke.
  11. The cheerful hat is very fragile. If you damage it when collecting it, the mushroom will lose all useful properties.


An ordinary cheerful is easy to confuse with the cheerful of Hadrian. At the stage of the appearance of the “egg” this mushroom is larger in length. The very egg of purple color, its leg is about 7-8 cm in a dimeter. The mushroom is inedible and rarely occurs in Eurasia.

The fun of Hadrian

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