Mushroom Mushroom Ear of a girl from the Red Book photo and description

Mushroom-zontik girl-edible mushroom, which is eaten in boiled, fried, baked or pickled form. It refers to the Champignon family, but against the background of the fact that it is rarely found and is subject to protection, it is worth refusing to collect and eat it.

It can appear singlely or in small groups, but in any case, your favorite soil is considered:

  • pine and mixed forests;
  • Shady meadows.
  • Where it grows

    The prevalence is noted in such territories:

  • Eurasia;
  • France and Germany;
  • Poland and the Czech Republic;
  • British Isles;
  • Slovakia and Estonia;
  • Ukraine and Balkans;
  • Primorsky Territory and Sakhalin.
  • The collection season lasts from August to October inclusive.

    The reasons for the disappearance

    The factors that reduce the population of such a mushroom are:

  • frequent forest fires;
  • excessive deforestation;
  • Soil pollution;
  • soil compaction, in particular by trapping with cattle;
  • High recreational loads.
  • The girl’s mushroom is good amenable to cultivation, which makes it possible to maintain its form of pure culture, and also breed in natural conditions.

    a brief description of

    The main distinguishing feature of such a mushroom is its hat, because of the appearance of which he actually received such a name. Its diameter varies from 4 to 7 centimeters, but sometimes it can reach 10 centimeters. It is thin, and its shape changes as the individual grows up. Thus, it is ovate or convex, bell or umbrella. In any case, it is complemented by a low hump, thin and fringed edges. The surface is almost perfectly white, but the tubercle can be brownish. It is completely covered with scales initially their color is white or walnut, they notice darkened, especially at the center of the hat.

    As for the pulp, it is basically white only at the base of the leg is red. The smell is not like a mushroom, but rather resembles a radish. Pronounced taste absent.

    Leg its height can reach 16 centimeters, and the thickness does not exceed 10 millimeters. It is characterized by a cylindrical shape, taps to the top, and from below it thickens a little, it can very rarely be curved. Always hollow and fibrous. Its surface is white and smooth, but over time it washes to become brown.

    Plates are almost always frequent and free, complemented by the cartilage collarium. Have even edges and without much effort are separated from the hat. Spore powder is either white or creamy.

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