Mushroom raincoat edible or not, photo and description

Raincoats representatives of champignon mushrooms. Previously considered part of the family of raincoat. The raincoat is great for the preparation of various dishes and is often an ingredient. They are pickled, fried, boiled. Have a soft pleasant aroma.

Usually, young mushrooms are called raincoats, characterized by high density. They can be eaten before the form of a powder mass mass of dispute, which, in fact, is dust from the dispute.

general description

Edible raincoats are endowed with a number of useful properties. Mushroom pulp is used to heal the wounds. They are unpretentious to habitat and soil conditions. People are edible raincoats also call tobacco mushrooms.

Fruit bodies in raincoats have a closed structure. Circuitarity and pearshaped is characteristic. The fruit can reach 2-5 cm in diameter. The false leg is usually pronounced. Mushroom sizes can reach small and medium sizes. Legs length 2-6 cm, and thickness from 1.2 to 2.2 cm.

The sterile fabric of false legs fits tightly with the base of the hats. Covered with growths in the form of small spikes. Spikeshaped processes with age may disappear. After ripening, the dispute, a hole forms on the upper part of the fruit body. Also, over time, a white shade is replaced by brown, ocher.


  1. For raincoats, the absence/presence of a very small leg is characteristic.
  2. Puff of young copies of white color. It is distinguished by loose. Suitable for use. Adult raincoats acquire a powdered body and brown tint. Old raincoats are not suitable for consumption.
  3. Disputes have a light-olive-brown tint. They have a spherical shape.
  4. The mushroom lives in the stands of coniferous and deciduous trees from the beginning of summer to the end of autumn.
  5. White mushroom pulp, elastic in touch and loose. The color of the pulp changes to green as the mushroom grows. There are olive-brown pulp, in which there are numerous voids.

The territory of distribution

The mushroom spread widely on almost all continents, with the exclusion of Antarctica. He prefers to grow on meadows, in various forests with acidic soils, on pastures, near farms and stables. Got its name due to the fact that the peak of growth was after rain.

The main types of raincoats

Raincoats are a large variety of mushrooms that are actively used in cooking. The main types of edible raincoats:

The raincoat is edible (real, stud, pearl)

The shape of the mushroom is spherical, which is converted into pearshaped with age. The color is purely white with small spikes covering the fruit body. Young mushrooms with white pulp, mature with flesh of olive color. Grow from the beginning of summer and until the end of November. Are edible, but a number of experts claim that they can cause auditory hallucinations.

Groyshevid raincoat

The shape of this mushroom is presented as a pear. The mushroom is able to grow up to 4 centimeters in height. Young mushrooms are covered with milk color with a skin, which with age becomes dirty-brown. The entire surface of the fruit body is covered with small spikes, which crumble over time. The pulp is completely white and has no taste. The fruiting period lasts from July to October.

Yellowcolored raincoat

This representative of edible raincoats can have various forms of the fruit body: from round to elongated and pearshaped. The color also changes from pale yellow to a dark yellow shade. The surface of the fungus is covered with a small amount of thorns. The pulp is quite dense and white, but it becomes dark with the age of the mushroom. Differs with a pleasant mushroom aroma and taste.

Other types of raincoats

Golovach is baggy

The raincoat is elongated (Golovach oblong)

The raincoat is black-owned

The raincoat is cloud

The raincoat is smelly

Lugovoi raincoat

The properties of raincoat mushrooms

The raincoats are valued in the medical community, since they are endowed with a unique property of absorb heavy metals and radioactive compounds, which, when accumulating in the human body, leads to cancer. Also, raincoats can derive various fluoride and chlorine junctions, radionuclides. The accumulation of these substances in the body leads to thyroid disease.


Most mushroom pickers avoid edible raincoats because of its peculiar appearance, which is doubtful of its edibility. In fact, raincoats edible mushrooms of the 4th taste category. This mushroom has a soft and pleasant taste. However, you can eat food with raincoats only when its pulp is completely white. If the selected mushroom has a dark pulp, then it is unsuitable for food, since its taste is significantly spoiled. These mushrooms can be cooked, frying and frozen. It is worth cooking immediately after the collection, since the pulp of these mushrooms is quickly unusable.

Tobacco mushroom or raincoat

Medical and cosmetic properties

Demonstrates healing properties. If you cut the pulp and apply it to wound, healing will significantly accelerate. There are also antiseptic possibilities that prevent infection and fourth. In addition, these mushrooms absorb radiation, stretch heavy metals and other substances that can harm the human body. Even those that can cause oncology. Deriving compounds, radionuclides during use, accumulating for years in the body.

Widely applicable in cosmetology. Are actively used as ingredients for masks that give an excellent effect. Littleknown fact: raincoats positively affect the eyes. With their help, you can whiten proteins. This is due to the fact that they free the body from toxins.

Similar mushrooms

Rainwalks have similarities with mushrooms of pearshaped or pinshaped shape. The main difference of raincoats is the presence of a hole in the upper part to exit the dispute. Otherwise, very similar to an oblong dates.

Obligated Golovach

He has Gleb of the same white color and density at the initial stages. Over time, Gleb Golovach also becomes a spore powder acquiring a dark brown tint. The mushroom is suitable for use in cooking, like a raincoat.

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