Mushrooms of the Altai Territory edible and poisonous, photos with names and description

The territory of the Altai Territory is rich in its huge forests, the area of ​​which reaches 10 million hectares. Mushrooms are directly related to the forest, so in the Altai region you can collect very highquality crops. In a favorable season, one mushroom picked can collect up to 12 buckets for only one campaign in the forest. Mushrooms grow not only in forests, but also on hills and steppes. In total, in the Altai Territory there are about 200 types of edible and only 6 species of toxic and inedible mushrooms.

Edible mushrooms

Borovaya Ryzhik

Redhaired spruce

The load is real

Osinnaya load

The rush is blue

The load is black



The wave is pink


Differences are white

Black loads


Rawshela is green

Food raw

Rawhouse is yellow

Swamp raw

The raw is blue

Rawdrock is golden red

Raller talker

Glass is gray

The oyster mushroom is ordinary

Autumn oyster mushroom

Open summer

Autumn tape

A row of earthy-gray

The row is boring

Rowfused row

Collibia is chestnut

Gray float

The float is white

The float is saffron

The mushroom-zontic is white

The mushroom-zontik is motley

Shampignon ordinary

Champignon Field

Forest champignon

Dovznik is white

Gray dung

Flying scales

Scales of wood

Chain cap

The cobweb is yellow

The spider lord is straight

Pautinnik purple

Mokrukh is purple





The oily oil is larch

Mookhovik is yellow-brown

The hedgehog is yellow

The hedgehog is coral

The tarnish is branched

Sulfur tower

Amethyst horned

The horn is yellow

Pestle horn

Mushroom cabbage

Golovach is oblong

The raincoat is pearshaped

The raincoat is hissing

The funny is ordinary

S interest hat

Poisonous and inedible mushrooms

Death cap

The fly agaric is smelly

The fly agaric is red

The fly agaric is bristle

Sulfuric-yellow false paved

The pig is thin

Gall mushroom

An ordinary false germ


The peak of the productivity of mushrooms in the Altai Territory is in the beginning of August. However, periods of active growth of mushrooms can vary significantly from year to year. Experienced mushroom pickers know how to distinguish a useful mushroom from a potentially dangerous representative. To do this, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the varieties of mushrooms of the Altai Territory in order to clearly understand which fungus should be in the basket, and which one should avoid. It is important to understand that an incorrectly chosen mushroom can cost even life an inexperienced mushroom pic.

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