Mushrooms of the Irkutsk region edible and poisonous mushrooms, photos and description

The mushroom season in the territory of the Irkutsk region begins with the arrival of the rain. Many lovers of quiet hunting of this region are actively looking for boletus, butter and boletus. The richest of mushrooms are the regions of the Alexander and Kachug tracts, where there are a lot of boletus, waves and chisels. Mushrooms prefer to grow on the edges, not far from rivers and roads. However, the mushrooms growing next to the tracks should be abandoned. Often in the forests you can stumble upon toxic mushrooms, which in appearance can be similar to the usual edible views.

Edible mushrooms


The load is real


Autumn tape

Shampignon ordinary

Inedible mushrooms and poisonous

The fly agaric is red

The line is ordinary

The pig is thin


Irkutsk region is a great place to collect a good harvest. The number of mushrooms in this region is extremely numerous and diverse. Mass collection of mushrooms usually begins in the second half of August. However, before opening mushroom hunting, check out the main representatives of the useful and dangerous mushrooms of the Irkutsk region. Since your health may depend on a competent approach in searching for mushrooms. Beginning mushroom pickers should be even more vigilant so that out of ignorance not to take a dangerous mushroom.

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