Mushrooms of the Kaliningrad region edible and poisonous mushrooms, photos with names and description

Literally the entire territory of the Kaliningrad region is rich in various varieties of mushrooms. Mushroom pickers feel great on hunting in this region. Such a variety is due to favorable climatic conditions, where there is an opportunity to carry out artificial resettlement of mushrooms. In these regions, species such as oyster mushrooms and champignons are successfully grown in these regions. But before going to the forests, it is worth carefully studying potentially dangerous types of mushrooms, since a good climate contributes to their growth, including.

Edible mushrooms


Redhaired spruce

Pine red

The load is real

Black Road



Polish mushroom

Red Mokhovik

The oil is real

The oily oil is granular

The fox is ordinary

Open summer

Autumn tape

Pink wave







Poisonous mushrooms

Red fly agaric

Satanian mushroom

Gall mushroom

False champignon

Death cap



Beginning mushroom pickers of the Kaliningrad region should take into account that for improper cutting of mushrooms you can get a fine. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to tear out myceliums, spoil the moss and litter of mushrooms, which is also punishable. Mushroom pickers must take into account the period of fruiting of mushrooms, since, depending on the type of mushroom, it may change. In the Kaliningrad region, the number of edible mushrooms reaches dozens of varieties, so this region is considered an excellent find of many mushroom pickers.

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