Mushrooms of the Kirov region edible and poisonous mushrooms, photos and description

About 40 percent of the territory of the Kirov region is swampy. There are also many rivers, ponds and various reservoirs in this region. Thanks to this amount of moisture, the Kirov region is considered a very rich region in the number of mushrooms.  However, a lover of gathering mushrooms should be careful and follow the rules according to which unfamiliar types of mushrooms should be avoided. Local residents of the Kirovsky district should refrain from collecting mushrooms in parks and yards, as well as near road tracks and railways.

Edible mushrooms

Redhaired spruce

Red red

The redhead is real




Differences are white




Poisonous mushrooms

White Press

The fly agaric is red

The false honey agaric is sulfuryellow

Galerina is bordered

Anterome fly agaric

Belovoy talker


Kirov region is rich in both edible and toxic varieties of mushrooms. Traditionally beloved edible mushrooms of local residents are various representatives of saffronies, of which there are a lot in the forests of the Kirov region. However, along with useful mushrooms, a number of dangerous and toxic mushrooms grow on the territory of this area, which should be immediately avoided. Beginning mushroom pickers should study the types of toxic mushrooms growing in their region to avoid possible unpleasant consequences.

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