Mushrooms of the Moscow Region edible and poisonous mushrooms, photos and description where they grow, pictures

Mushrooms of the Moscow region have a distinctive species diversity. In forest surroundings, you can pick up a lot of healthy mushrooms, in particular, white mushrooms popular with their distinguishing taste characteristics. Experienced mushroom pickers of the Moscow Region have a lot of places in their stock in which you can find a large number of edible mushrooms. However, inexperienced mushroom pickers should be very vigilant so as not to accidentally put a poisonous mushroom in the basket, the consequences of the use of which can be extremely dangerous. The main types of edible and dangerous mushrooms are presented below.

Edible mushrooms

White mushroom oak

The white mushroom is birch

White mushroom spruce

White mushroom Borovaya

The rush is yellow

The rush is blue (blue)

The load of oak

Osinnaya load



Parchment load


Group is common

The boot is red

Sunseline is white

Sunseline yellow-brown (he is red-brown)

The raincoat is giant

The raincoat is pearshaped

Pearl raincoat

Umbrovy raincoat

The raincoat is hissing


Autumn oyster mushroom

Oak oak

Rozhkovy ozhenka

Rawdock is golden

The raw is blue

Rawshela is green

Open summer

Autumn tape

Winter tape

Lugovoi honey agaric

Champignon is real

The wave is pink

White wave (Belyanka)


Row is gray

The row is poplar

A row violet

The fox is ordinary

Smike is ordinary

The tough is conical

S interest hat

The redhead is real

Pine red

Redhaired spruce

The hedgehog is yellow

The umbrella is white

The umbrella is motley

Blushing mushroom umbrella

Mookhovik is green

Mookhovik cracked colorful

Orange Pecits

Poisonous mushrooms

Red fly agaric

White Press

Satanian mushroom

Spring entolom

Vomiting raw (burning)

The champignon is motley

Gray float

PanEolus (bellshaped or moth)

False Fox

The funny is ordinary


In order for the campaign for mushrooms in the suburbs to give pleasure and does not lead to unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to be guided by a number of rules. Beginners need to take an experienced mushroom pipe with them, which will help determine the selected mushroom, and will show a number of places where they can be found. If there are no mushrooms among acquaintances, then you must first familiarize yourself with edible and toxic varieties. It is also worth considering that old mushrooms, as well as mushrooms growing next to the tracks, should not be taken.

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