Mushrooms of the Volgograd region edible and poisonous mushrooms, photos and description

The sharp-content climate of the Volgograd region led to the fact that the region is rather scanty for forests, and most of the spaces consists of steppes and semi-deserts. The mushroom collection period is shifted to a later time. Forest mushrooms begin to appear in the spring, and the peak falls on August. It is worth going to search for mushrooms only after a thorough study of edible and inedible species, since the variety of mushrooms of this region can even confuse the experienced mushroom pipe. Below are the main types of mushrooms of the Volgograd region.

Edible mushrooms

Smore is real

The tough is conical

Smorac is tall

S interest hat

Ametis cheese

Swamp raw

White mushroom spruce

Pine white mushroom

The white mushroom is birch

Pine red

Redhaired spruce

The red-red red

The load is real

The load is black

The load is dry


The boot is red

Suppline boot


Group is common

An umbrella girl

The umbrella blushing

The umbrella is motley

The oyster mushroom is ordinary

Golden oyster mushroom

Sulfur tower

Scales tower

Hepatic mushroom


The wave is pink

The wave is white


Polish mushroom

The oily oil is granular

The oily oil is white

The oily oil is yellow-brown

The fox is ordinary

The fox is tubular

The fox is gray

Dovznik is white

Gray dung

An ordinary dung

The row is poplar

A row is golden

The honey agaric is fatlegged

Lugovoi honey agaric

Open mucous


Poisonous mushrooms

Red fly agaric

Satanian mushroom

A motley champignon

Yellowskinned champignon

An ordinary false germ

Gall mushroom

Death cap

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