Mushrooms of the Voronezh region edible and poisonous mushrooms | Photos and description

Voronezh region is rich in the number of edible mushrooms, which are of about 200 different types. Many mushrooms are a source of various vitamins and minerals, and are also rich in carbohydrates and proteins. In addition to useful mushrooms, on the territory of Voronezh you can often stumble upon conditionally sorting and poisonous types of mushrooms. Conventional ones should be included in the diet only after heat treatment. And the poisonous are able to cause irreparable harm to health and even lead to death. Consider which mushrooms of the Voronezh region are useful and which should be avoided.

Edible mushrooms

Borovik is pine

Borovik oak

Birch boat

Obeline oyster mushroom (oyster)

Rozhkovy ozhenka

Volvarella silky

Rozhkovynaya raven

Golovach lilac

The funny is ordinary

The dialect is bent

Raller talker

Galler smoky

The tough is conical

Smike is ordinary

Rawshela is green

The raw is blue

Rawhouse is yellow

Food raw

The oily oil is granular

The oily oil is yellow-brown

The oily oil is ordinary

Open summer

Autumn tape

A row is lilac

A row violet

Row is gray

The row is openshaped

The row is boring

Shampignon ordinary

Shampignon Bernard

The champignon is straw-yellow

The fox is gray

The fox is ordinary

Mookhovik is cracked

The wave is white

The wave of swamp

The wave is pink

The boot is red

Red-brown booth

Sunseline is white

Group is common

Swamp bog

Risopon is pinkish

The risopon is yellowish

Scales tower

Umbrella tinder

Sulfur tower

The scales are ordinary

The scales are golden

S interest cap Bohemian

Smore is real

The umbrella blushing

The umbrella is motley

The umbrella is white

The raincoat is giant

The raincoat is pearshaped

Pearl raincoat

Orange shiver

Collibia is oil

Pink varnish

Langermannia is giant

Mitsena is capkovid


The load is black

The load is yellowish

The loader is dirty green


Porkhovka blackening

Plots of deer

The cobweb is dirty

The liver is ordinary

Dovznik is white

Gray dung

An ordinary dung

Navoznik is crested

Porkhovka lead-gray

Pine red

Chestnut mushroom


The fly agaric is gray-pink

Poisonous mushrooms

Red fly agaric

Death cap

The champignon is reddish

The pig is thin


False Open (sulfuric yellow)

The dialect is waxed

Spring entolom


Many people in the Voronezh region arrange mushroom hunting. Each mushroom pickered should take into account such recommendations as not to collect mushrooms near the tracks and noisy cities, do not try the mushroom to taste and do not take a mushroom that causes at least the slightest doubt. The best time to collect a good crop is during the rain, when mushrooms grow perfectly and you can stumble on a solid area with a large number of edible types of mushrooms. During the absence of rains, mushrooms gain harmful substances from the air. It is also worth refusing to collect old mushrooms.

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