Napoleon or minuet: description of the cat breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and maintenance – Petstory


  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Wool type:
    Shorthair, longhair
  • Growth:
    up to 15 cm
  • The weight:
    2–3.5 kg
  • Age:
    10–12 years old
  • Brief information

  • It is a hybrid of a Munchkin and a Persian cat;
  • The modern name of the breed is the minuet;
  • Needs attention and care.
  • Character

    Napoleon a young experimental cat breed. Its history is connected with the name of the American breeder Joe Smith, who used to breed dogs. In the 1990s, a man became interested in the idea of ​​creating undersized cats that would be different from all their dwarf brothers. He decided to cross a Munchkin and a Persian cat. The process of breeding a hybrid turned out to be difficult: often kittens were born with defects and serious health problems. It took a lot of effort to develop a new breed, but in the end, the breeders managed to carry out their plans. And in 2001 she was registered with TICA.

    Napoleon or minuet: description of the cat breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and maintenance – Petstory

    It is interesting that the minuet received its current name only in 2015, before that the breed was known as the “Napoleon”. However, the judges considered this name offensive to France and renamed the breed.

    Minuet took the best from his parents: a cute face from Persians and Exotics and short paws from Munchkins. However, this is expressed not only externally, the character of cats is appropriate.

    In general, representatives of the breed are quite calm and even phlegmatic they have this from Persian cats. The minuet will allow itself to be loved and allowed to be stroked. Of course, when he is in the right mood. Cats of this breed are absolutely unobtrusive, independent and independent. True, their independence is reflected only in the character. The street as a place of residence for the minuet is absolutely not suitable!

    From the Munchkin, the minuet took good nature, playfulness and sociability. Despite a certain Persian pride, representatives of this breed are slightly infantile and childlike. They are absolutely non-confrontational. That is why the minuet is suitable for families with children. Surely the pet will allow the child some pranks, and if he starts playing, the cat will prefer to retire quietly. There shouldn’t be a problem with dogs either. But attention should be paid to the behavior and education of the dog. Due to its physical characteristics, the minuet is limited in defensive techniques.

    However, despite the short legs, the minuet is very mobile and active. He will happily jump on low sofas and armchairs. But you should not let him frequent high jumps, as back problems can occur.


    Minuet does not require special care. If the pet has short hair, it should be brushed once a week. If the cat is long-haired, then two or three times a week to prevent matting and tangles.

    As with Persian cats, it is especially important to monitor the health of your pet’s eyes. Often, discharge can indicate inappropriate nutrition or food allergies.

    Conditions of detention

    Minuet is an ideal pet for life in a city apartment. It does not require much space for games and entertainment. If the house has high sofas, armchairs and chairs, it is necessary to ensure that the cat has safe access to them. It is advisable to build something like a ladder that the pet could climb.

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