Natural resources and environmental pollution

The environment is affected by people, which contributes to the pollution of natural resources. As people act in various areas of nature management, the state of air, water, soil and the biosphere as a whole is deteriorating. There are the following pollution of natural resources:

  • chemical;
  • poisonous;
  • thermal;
  • mechanical;
  • radioactive.
  • Main sources of pollution

    Among the largest sources of pollution, transport should be called, namely cars. They emit exhaust gases, which later accumulate in the atmosphere and lead to the greenhouse effect. The biosphere is also polluted by objects of the energy sector hydroelectric power plants, power plants, thermal power plants. A certain level of pollution is carried by agriculture and farming, namely pesticides, pesticides, mineral fertilizers, which damage soils, enter rivers, lakes and groundwater.

    During mining, natural resources are polluted. Of all the raw materials, no more than 5% of the materials are used in their pure form, and the remaining 95% are waste that is returned to the environment. During the extraction of minerals and rocks, the following pollutants are released:

  • carbon dioxide;
  • dust;
  • poisonous gases;
  • hydrocarbons;
  • nitrogen dioxide;
  • sulphurous gases;
  • quarry water.
  • Not the last place in the pollution of ecology and resources is occupied by metallurgy. It also has a large amount of waste, resources are used to process raw materials, which are then not cleaned and pollute the environment. During the processing of natural resources, industrial emissions occur, which significantly worsen the state of the atmosphere. A separate danger is pollution by dust of heavy metals.

    Water pollution

    A natural resource such as water is quite heavily polluted. Its quality is degraded by industrial and domestic wastewater, chemicals, garbage and biological organisms. This reduces the quality of the water, making it unusable. In reservoirs, the amount of flora and fauna decreases due to pollution of the hydrosphere.

    Today, all types of natural resources suffer from pollution. Of course, hurricanes and earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis cause partial harm, but anthropogenic activities cause the greatest harm to natural resources. A negative impact on nature and control the degree of environmental pollution should be reduced.

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