Natural resources of Africa briefly a table, types of natural resources

African continent is rich in a variety of types of natural resources. Some people believe that you can relax well by visiting safari, while others make money on mineral resources and forest resources. Mastering to the mainland is carried out comprehensive, so all types of natural goods are valued here here.

Water resources

Despite the fact that a significant part of Africa covers the deserts, there are many rivers, large of which is a Nile and an orange river, Niger and Congo, Zambezi and Limpopo. Some of them flow in deserts and they are nourished only rainwater. The most famous lakes of the continent are Victoria, Chad, Tanganyka and Nyasa. In general, the continent has small reserves of water resources and is poorly provided with water, therefore it is in this part of the world that people die not only from numerical diseases, hunger, but also from dehydration. If a person gets into the desert without water supplies, most likely he will die. The exception will be the case if he is lucky enough to find an oasis.

Soil and forest resources

Land resources on the hottest continent are quite large. Of the total amount of soil that is available here, only a fifth is cultivated. This is due to the fact that a huge part is subject to desertification and erosion, so the land here is infertile. Many territories are occupied by tropical forests, so it is impossible to engage in agriculture here.

In turn, forest areas are of great value in Africa. The eastern and southern parts are covered with dry tropical forests, while wet ones cover the center and west of the mainland. What is worth noting is that here the forest is not valued, but cut irrationally. In turn, this leads not only to the degradation of forests and soil, but also to the destruction of ecosystems and the emergence of environmental refugees, both among animals and among people.

Natural resources of Africa in brief table, types of natural resources


A significant part of Africa’s natural resources are minerals:

Natural resources of Africa in brief table, types of natural resources
  • fuel oil, natural gas, coal;
  • metals gold, lead, cobalt, zinc, silver, iron and manganese ores;
  • non-metallic talc, gypsum, limestone;
  • precious stones diamonds, emeralds, alexandrites, pyropes, amethysts.
  • Thus, Africa is home to the world’s vast wealth of natural resources. These are not only fossils, but also wood, as well as world-famous landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. The only thing that threatens the exhaustion of these benefits is anthropogenic influence.

    Natural resources of Africa in brief table, types of natural resources
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