Natural resources of Eurasia and the World types, development and use

The natural resources of the Earth are the main wealth of the planet, which allows people to survive, includes objects of animate and inanimate nature. If in ancient times people used resources to a minimum, limited to gathering plants, fishing and hunting, then over time, water, land resources, minerals (metals, clay, coal, oil, etc.).P.). All this leads to the fact that some natural resources are almost completely exhausted, and it takes several hundred or even thousands of years to replenish them. The biosphere changes in the future, and ecosystems are destroyed.

Classification of natural resources

To properly use natural resources, you need to know which of them are presented on the planet in large quantities and they can be freely used, and which are few, and they need to be used only in a minimum amount.

Natural resources of Eurasia and the world types, development and use

Experts share all sources in resume and exhaustion into such classes:

  • Inexhaustible. These are resources of cosmic origin solar energy, wind energy, water, intraearth heat;
  • Exhausted. They are on the planet the world of flora and fauna, organic and mineral compounds;
  • Renewal. The group of these resources has the opportunity to recover thanks to natural processes. These are animals and plants, rocks and minerals;
  • Non-renewable. Their recovery rate is so low that they need to be rationally used in order to leave part of the resources to descendants. These are underground waters, ores of some metals, marble, sand, granite, coal, oil and gas.
  • Types of natural resources

    The most accessible resource on Earth is wind and solar energy. Its use does not harm the environment. One of the sources of life is water. This resource is used to support the life of people, animals, plants, and is needed for many natural processes.

    Natural resources of Eurasia and the World types, development and use


    Forest resources provide oxygen circulation, purify the air from harmful substances, and are a source of food for people and animals. Recently, people have been actively cutting down trees, which leads to many environmental problems. Land resources are used in the economic activities of people, but this leads to soil depletion. The diversity of mineral resources allows people to use minerals for all sorts of purposes. The more actively they use various resources, the more damage they will inflict on the planet. Some sources are on the verge of extinction, and if people do not reconsider their actions, they will be able to lose a large amount of natural benefits.

    Natural resources of Eurasia and the World types, development and use
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