Natural resources of the Siberian Plain assessment, tables

The Siberian Plain is a geographical feature and landform located in northern Asia on the territory of Eurasia. This part of Siberia is the most developed by people. There are many natural resources here, from mineral resources to the world of flora and fauna.

Mineral resources

The main wealth of the Siberian Plain is oil and natural gas. Here is the largest province for the extraction of these fuel resources in the world. There are at least 60 deposits of “black gold” and “blue fuel” on the territory. In addition, brown coal is mined in this part of Siberia, which occurs in the Ob-Irtysh basin. The Siberian Plain is also rich in peat reserves. A large area of ​​the plain is covered with peat bogs.

Among the metal minerals, iron and copper ores are mined here. At the bottom of the lakes there are reserves of Glauber’s and table salt. Also on the territory of the plain, various clays and sand, marls and limestones, diabases and granites are mined.

Natural resources of the Siberian Plain assessment, tables

Water resources

It is worth noting that there are artesian wells on the territory of the Siberian Plain, so healing groundwater can be extracted here. In some places there are also hot thermal waters, the temperature of which occasionally reaches 150 degrees Celsius. Here is the largest West Siberian artesian basin. The most important water arteries flow here:

Natural resources of the Siberian Plain assessment, tables
  • Tobol;
  • Taz;
  • Ket;
  • Ob;
  • Yenisei;
  • Pur;
  • Irtysh;
  • Chulym;
  • Konda;
  • Nadym.
  • In addition, many small rivers flow through the plain, their density varies depending on the landforms. There are also many lakes here, which were formed in river valleys, as well as of tectonic and suffusion origin.

    biological resources

    The Siberian Plain has a variety of natural zones, so there is a steppe and forest-steppe, forest-tundra and tundra, and there is also a swampy area. All this contributes to the species diversity of flora and fauna. Coniferous forests grow in the taiga, where pines, spruces and firs meet. Birches, aspens and lindens appear closer to the south. The fauna of the plain is represented by chipmunks and Djungarian hamsters, hare and mink, squirrels and other species.

    Thus, the Siberian Plain is a vast territory, characterized by a variety of natural resources. There are wild places here, but there are also many developed territories. Where there are mineral resources, there are many deposits that provide valuable resources of both national and global scale.

    Natural resources of the Siberian Plain assessment, tables
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