Natural zone of forests of Eurasia | Climatic zones of forests

Forest is a natural zone that is found in many climatic zones of the Earth. It is represented by trees and shrubs that grow tightly and are located in vast territories. In the forest there are such types of fauna that are able to survive in such conditions. One of the useful functions of this ecosystem is the ability to selfbalance.

Forests are of various types:

  • gallery;
  • tape boron;
  • park;
  • Crossroads;
  • grove.
  • Depending on the type of wood, forests are coniferous, broadleaved and mixed.

    Forests of various climatic zones

    In the equatorial climatic zone, where it is always hot and high humidity, evergreen trees grow in several tiers. Here you can find ficuses and palm trees, orchids, vines and cocoa tree. Equatorial forests are mainly characteristic of Africa, South America, in Eurasia it is rare.

    Hardleaved forests grow in subtropical climate. The summer here is moderately hot and quite dry, and winter is not frosty and rainy. Oaks and heather, olives and myrty, strawberry wood and vines grow in subtropics. This type of forest is in North Africa, Europe, Australia and America.

    The moderate climate of the forest zone is rich in such broadleaved rocks as bees and oak, magnolias and vineyards, chestnuts and linden. There are broadleaved forests in Eurasia, on some islands of the Pacific Ocean, in South and North America.

    Natural zone of forests of Eurasia | Climatic zones of forests

    There are mixed forests in a temperate climate, where, along with oak, linden, knitting, fir and spruce grow. In general, mixed forests encircle the narrow strip of the North American and EuroAsian continents, stretching to the Far East.

    Natural zone of forests of Eurasia | Climatic zones of forests

    In the northern part of America, Europe and Asia, there is the natural zone of the taiga, where a moderate climatic belt also dominates. Taiga can be of two types lightskinned and darkskinned. Cedars, spruce, fir, fern, as well as berry shrubs grow here.

    In warm latitudes there are tropical forests that are located in Central America, in the southeastern part of Asia, partially in Australia. Forests of this zone of two types seasonally and constantly wet. The climate in the forest zone of the subequatorial belt is represented by two seasons wet and dry, which is affected by equatorial and tropical air masses. Forests of the subequatorial belt are located in South America, on the territory of Indochina and in Australia. In the subtropical zone, mixed forests are represented, which are located in China and the USA. There is a fairly humid climate, pine and magnolias, camellia and camphor laurel grow.

    There are many forests on the planet in various climatic conditions, which contributes to a wide variety of the world of flora and fauna. However, forests are threatened by anthropogenic activity, which is why the area of ​​forests is reduced by hundreds of hectares.

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