Nature, animals and plants of the Far East description and photo

A unique ecosystem has developed in the Far East, which combines forest and tundra zone. This territory is located in the following natural areas:

  • – arctic deserts;
  • – tundra;
  • – coniferous forests (light coniferous forests, dark coniferous forests, coniferous-birch forests);
  • – mixed coniferous-deciduous forests;
  • – forest-steppe.
  • In these natural areas, different climatic conditions have developed, where the world of flora and fauna differs. In the Valley of Geysers, you can find such an interesting phenomenon as hot fountains flowing from underground.

    Plants of the Far East

    The flora of the Far East is diverse and rich. Stone birch grows in the North and Kamchatka.

    stone birch

    Magnolia trees grow on the Kuril Islands, and in the Ussuri Territory the medicinal plant ginseng blooms, there are cedars and fir.





    In the forest zone you can find Amur velvet, creepers, Manchurian walnut.

    Amur velvet


    Manchurian walnut

    Mixed broad-leaved forests are rich in hazel, oaks, birches.




    The following medicinal plants grow in the Far East:

    Common lingonberry


    Lily of the valley Keizke

    Rose hip

    Variegated motherwort

    Ledum marsh

    Asian yarrow

    Amur valerian


    St. John’s wort drawn

    Amur adonis

    Eleutherococcus senticosus

    Among other types of vegetation, in different parts of the Far East, you can eat mono maple and lemongrass, daylily and Amur grapes, zamaniha and lactiflora peony.

    Maple mono



    Amur grape


    Peony lactiflora

    Animals of the Far East

    Large animals such as Amur tigers, brown and Himalayan bears live in the Far East.

    Amur tiger

    Brown bear

    Himalayan bear

    Various species of birds nest in flocks on the islands, seals live, sea otters sea otters.


    Sea otters sea otters

    Populations of elk, sable, spotted deer live near the Ussuri River.



    Dappled deer

    Among the cats in the Far East, you can meet Amur leopards and forest cats. The Kamchatka fox and red wolf, Siberian weasel and marsh live here.

    Amur leopard

    forest cat

    Kamchatka fox

    Red Wolf


    Birds of the Far East:

    white-naped crane

    Fish owl

    mandarin duck

    Ussuri pheasant

    Steller’s sea eagle

    Blue rock thrush

    blue magpie

    needle-tailed swift

    The Far East occupies a vast territory lying in several natural and climatic zones. They have certain differences, which affected the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Seeing at least once this nature, it is impossible not to fall in love with it.

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