Naughty birds representatives of the detachment with names with names and photos

These are waterfowl, scientists have about twenty of their species. You can meet them almost everywhere, but in a new light it lives most interesting individuals. Obgarcshaped people usually live in reservoirs where reeds and rogoz grow. They feed on fish, crustaceans and insects inhabiting water. They can eat afloat. They are reluctant to go to land and do not know how to move along it the legs set off back are adapted for habitat in water. It is important that it is very difficult to distinguish a female from a male, because both have an identical plumage, and horns and jewelins can be in both sexes.

Big Pug

Small Press

Sweeped Press

Blacklegged Press

Krasnoshevye Pressy

Shortwinged guess

Australian whiteheaded extinguishing

Clark’s Pressure

Blueleggy Piggy

Silver Press

Magellanova Pug

Karolinskaya Piggy


Naughtyshaped monogamous birds that are well adapted to life in water. They even build a nest on a water surface and use it for marriage before the start of reproduction. These are birds that are prone to create colonies with gulls and tones to protect against predators. Often they are not sedentary and prefer to winter on the Black or Caspian Sea, although individuals from the south are such. Today, 5 species of these wonderful animals need protection, so it is worth protecting this detachment.

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