Night birds predators and not only representatives, photos, names and description

Night birds include predators belonging to the hawk, Skopin and Sokolin, owl. On the territory of Eurasia, the most raises, noodles and illegitimates of gray. The most famous, of course, are owls. The COU has excellent vision and a small curved beak, next to the base of which are nostrils. With the help of rounded wings, they move silently this helps to get food. Another night bird differs from the representatives of the owls kiwi. She has a pearshaped body and almost invisible wings. Like Sychi with owls, kiwi prefers to live in the forests, but its nutrition is radically different: the bird eats insects and small amphibians.

Predatory night birds

Inquires gray


Bearded inquires





Small penguin

The rest of the night birds





Night birds are quite common in forests, in Eurasia there are about 18 species. Among them there are also singers, for example, Korostel, and there is also an inquiries. Basically, all night birds do not have a food goiter that did not digest, and they have a brownish color. They live both in the Mediterranean and in the mountainous area of ​​Central Asia. Night inhabitants of the forests do not like to show themselves to a person and prefer to live in burrows or crevices, and during periods of frosts starting in September, to migrate to the warmest edges.

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