Noble deer from the red book photo and description: where it lives, what eats, appearance

Noble deer are divided into several types. The classification of a noble deer depends on its habitat. In deciduous forests, deer is called European, in mountainous areas – Caucasian deer. Mountain deer behave like nomads, which is explained by their habitat. And European deer are prone to life in one place, so they keep herds of dozens of individuals.

External features of both subspecies – This is a woolen cover without spotted color and the presence of a light spot under the tail. The main distinguishing feature of noble deer from similar species – horns with several processes resembling a luxurious crown. Deer color is predominantly brown with golden glow. In winter, the skin acquires a grayish tint. The weight of males of deer is able to reach up to 340 kilograms, and body length is about 2.5 meters.

What function is the horns of a noble deer perform?

Deer horns – This is a weapon. In the marriage period, males form groups of several females. The period of the propagation of noble deer becomes the struggle of males for victory. Here their huge horns come to the rescue. During the fight, males face horns to bring down the enemy. Unable to withstand strength, males of weak configuration with small horns are forced to quickly leave the battlefield.

Marriage period of noble deer

August – The season of propagation of noble deer. Males are ready to reproduce from the age of three. Females become mature by the year of life. Trying to win the attention of females, deer demonstrate the strength and beauty of their horns. During the rut, deer scare their rivals with a loud roar. The roar can last more than a month. In the wedding period, lively males are able to destroy the earth with hooves, and damage the cortex of trees with horns. After the tournament, a queue of females is formed around the male, the number of which can reach twenty representatives. Usually females give birth to no more than two cubs. Small deer spend time with a mother up to 3 years, and then join their herd.

What noble deer eats?

The basis of the diet of noble deer – vegetation. The food may include cereals and legumes. The choice of food depends on the time of year and the habitat. In winter, if the snow lies low enough, deer of incisions on fallen leaves, plant stalks and bark of shrubs. Periodically eat the needles of trees. A great product for deer are acorns that they find under the snow. The summer diet replaces the summer diet. In warm periods, deer prefer protein food. Protein helps to restore strength and make up for the supply of vitamins after winter. Noble deer need salt. To restore salt balance, deer go to the Solonets. Sometimes they bite the earth rich in minerals and salt.

Predators protection methods

The most dangerous predator for a noble deer is a wolf. Whole flocks of predatory wolves hunt for strong and adult deer. The lone wolf is powerless in front of a deer. For its protection, the deer uses horns and quite powerful hooves. Often tigers, lynxes and leopards attack a deer. The simplest prey for a predator – These are small deer, unable to repulse the enemy. In search of shelter, deer hide in the rocks and find a refuge in water. But despite the wild animals, the main fighter of the noble deer is a person.

Human intervention

Hunting craft could not bypass the noble deer. Deer meat is considered unusually tasty and healthy. And the horns of deer – Pant – I use as a trophy and healing systems in China and Korea. Hunting for noble deer is prohibited in many places, since since 2014 the species of noble deer has been taken to the register of agricultural animals to preserve the population and increase their habitat.

In connection with food behavior, a noble deer was included in the list of dangerous invasive species of animals. Deer activity prevents the restoration of rare plant species.

Where noble deer are common?

The habitat of the noble deer is great. Various subspecies of noble deer are found in the territories of Western Europe, in Morocco and Algeria. Favorite habitat of deer is located in southern China.

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