Nosukha (Coati) photo and description of the animal where they live, what they eat, facts

Every year it becomes more popular to keep a wild animal at home. As favorites, people choose raccoons, caresses, including koati. The people of the animal are also called Nosukha. Coati lives in wild conditions on the territory of America, Mexico, Arizons, Colombia and Ecuador.

general description

Coati is often called a white nosuchea. The name occurred due to a unique mobile and sensitive nose. This is a mammal from the genus of the Nosukh family of raccoon. Externally the animal has the size of the dog and looks like a raccoon. The maximum height to which the coats grow is 30 cm, the length is 40 cm in females and 67 cm in male representatives. An adult weighs from 7 to 11 kg.

Belonged nasolars have an elongated body, medium paws, the rear of which is slightly longer than the front. Many individuals have dark red hair, therefore similar to foxes. Animals have an interesting and unique tail, which has rings of dark and light shades. Coati hairline is very soft, therefore, touching it, a feeling of touching a plush bear is created.

Coati has an elongated muzzle, a narrow and flexible nose, small ears, black legs, naked soles of paws. The tail of the animal narrows to the tip. Each paw has five fingers with curved claws. Belonosa has 40 teeth in the white.

Features of reproduction

At the end of winter early spring, grade begins in females. During this period, male individuals join female families and are actively fighting for the chosen one. Co-scarecrow male can be given signals such as rocky teeth, standing on the hind legs. Only one dominant male will eventually remain in the family and will get closer to the females. After sexual intercourse, male individuals are expelled, as they show aggression for babies.

During pregnancy, which lasts 77 days, the future mother equips the lair. Females give birth from 2 to 6 cubs who leave the family after two years. Kids are very dependent on the mother, because they are weak (they weigh no more than 180 g). Milk feeding lasts about four months.

Animal behavior and diet

The activity of the coat’s males begins closer to the night, the rest are awake during the day. One of the popular entertainment is an active struggle with each other. Animals spend the night on the tops of the trees.

Animals love to eat frogs, insects, rodents, lizards, snakes, chicks. Coati also eat plant foods, namely: nuts, delicate fruits, roots.

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