Nubian goats photo and description of the breed, care and content

Hardy, noble animals Nubian goats produce milk with a high fat content. Distinctive feature of the breed delightfully long ears.

The origin of the species

The breeders of the breed were imported from Africa, India and the Middle East. In England, exotic animals with local species of dairy goats were crossed and received a Nubian goat sophisticated pets.

Breed standards

Nubian goats weigh at least 60 kg and grow up to 75 cm at the withers. Nubians are one of the largest dairy goats, but they also provide a person with meat and skins for the production of leather products.

Nubian goats are valued for:

  • milk of sweet-milk taste with a high fat content;
  • a long milking season, which lasts longer than in most dairy.
  • What does the Nubian goat look like

    Nubian goats have long bellshaped ears and small tails. Nubian beautiful goats grow short and shiny fur, represented in many colors, including:

  • black;
  • yellow-brown;
  • brown;
  • red.
  • Goats are either plain or multicolored. In profile, the nose is clearly raised and rounded.

    Details of dairy production

    Nubian goats give milk with a fat content of 4% to 5%, this is twice as much fat than a cow’s cow store with a cow’s milk.

    This feature makes goats the best choice for those who:

  • leads home agriculture;
  • Makes his own cheese, ice cream, cottage cheese and other dishes.
  • Remember, goat milk is naturally homogenized, so you need a cream separator if you produce dairy products. Nubian goat gives about 3-4 liters of milk per day. Diet plays a role in milk production.


    Thanks to the origin, the Nubian goats are adapted to all climatic conditions and, as a rule, tolerate frosts well, but only if they experience bad weather in heated rooms without drafts. Long ears are more vulnerable to frostbite in the case of extremely low temperatures.

    Health problems and care

    Parasites enemy No. 1 for all goats. To violate the life cycle of parasites will be needed:

  • regular deworming;
  • Sales in a few herds on a rotational basis.
  • The temperament of the Nubian goats

    This species makes loud sounds. Nubian goats are affectionate and it is easy for a person to handle them.

    Reproductive features

    Goats become sexually mature already at the age of 6 months. Males distinguish a strong musky smell during the reproduction season, which attracts females. Goats bear offspring for 140-160 days, give birth once a year at the end of winter or spring. Gemini are often born, but one or three goats are not rarely appearing.

    How long live

    Nubian goats in captivity live from 10 to 15 years, if they receive enough feed and care, including veterinary.

    What benefit besides milk and meat brings the Nubian goat

    Sometimes the breed is grazed on water-bolot lands and in other areas, when it is necessary to reduce the number of invasive or undesirable plants, such as poisonous ivy.

    Features of the Hierarchy of the Nubian goats

    The real leader of the herd is a female, not a male. Dominance is determined by how many descendants it produced. Nubian goats create a group hierarchy. They face their heads, the winner dominates the defeated relatives, and brings up the goat. Animals make a piercing sneezing sound and stomp with their feet when they are alarmed.


    Nubian goats are a great choice for village residents who love dairy products of their own production, but are not able to support a cow in the yard. These hardy, affectionate beauties are funny, their milk does not allergic to people sensitive to lactose.

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