Oak miller photo and description of the mushroom, how to cook and where it grows

Lactarius quietus is a mushroom that belongs to the department of basiamitseta, the rawray family.


The hat of the oak miller has a diameter of 4-8 cm. In a young copy, it is flatpacked, however, as the mushroom is aged, it becomes a funnelshaped. The mushroom hat is usually painted in beige, on its surface there are circles of dark shades. The skin of the coil is dry, painted in brown.

Himenofor is plate, has a cream tint. As the aging becomes brick color. The plates on the hymenophore are wide and are located close to each other. On the cut, the pulp of the mushroom emits juice that looks like milk. This liquid remains colorless during breakdown and smells of hay.

The debate of the Moleknik is colorless, amyloid, often have a mesh ornament.

The mushroom leg has a cylindrical shape, the height of this part of the mushroom is 3-6 cm.

History of the genus

Genus Lactarius described the Dutch mycologist x.G. Person in 1797. He included 6 mushrooms in this kind.

Where it grows

Oak miller is usually found in places with thick vegetation. This mushroom forms mycorrhiza with oak and beech, because it can be seen in oaks and mixed forests. This mushroom loves the moderately-concreit climate, in Eurasia, the oak-oak is found mainly in the central part. Usually the mushroom grows in rather large groups.

The fungus fruit in the period from July to October.


Double oak molestick royal fly agaric. Young double can easily be distinguished by a spherical hat, whose diameter is 7-16 cm.

Royal fly agaric

The hat is painted in dark brown or reddish with olive tint. The leg of the dangerous double is thin and long about 20 cm. At the bottom of this part of the mushroom there is a thickening. The pulp of fly agaric is yellowish. This dangerous mushroom, which damages the nerve endings, grows in the coniferous forests of Eurasia.

Another poisonous double is a chomoro stocky.

Mundined fly agaric

The diameter of his hat is about 12 cm, it is painted in brown or gray. The pulp of this mushroom smells of turnip. The mushroom tolerates drought very stead.

The leopard mushroom is also very similar to an oak milf. Outwardly, the double is almost identical to the gray-pink fly agaric. It can be found in all forests of the Northern Hemisphere. The composition of the leopard fly agaric includes substances that can quickly kill a person.

Oak miller is easy to confuse and with a pale bog. The diameter of the hat of the poisonous double varies from 10 to 15 cm. The skin of the fungus is silky, painted green. Over time, the hat becomes flat. The leg of the pale pitch is thin, there are green veins on it. This mushroom loves wet forests and in arid places cannot be met.

Death cap

Inedible mushroom, which is a double of oak molestick, is a darkest miller. This mushroom creates mycorrhous only with Olkha. The mushroom hat is very thin, its diameter is about 3 cm. The hat is hoarse or brown with an orange tint, it has a small tubercle. The thickness of the leg is about 5 mm.

Dark miller

Oak miller is easy to confuse with a fellow-a boker of watery-minor. Both species can be found in the same forests, the structure of the mushrooms is similar.

Molecchik is a watery-minor

But the hat will help to distinguish a double: it is painted in brown and casts ocher. The pulp of the double is red, has no hazard.

Is the mushroom edible

This mushroom is conditionally edible. Usually the mushroom is planted, but before that, fruit bodies are soaked. First you should be cleaned of dirt, then rinse. After pour ice water. Next, the mushrooms need to be soaked for a few days.

Growing at home

Oak iron at home is better to grow from mycelium. If we are talking about the cottage, then the mushroom pickers are planted with seedlings of a tree with which mycorrhiza has been created at the mushroom. Mycelium is poured into a hole that is designed for a seedling and then planted in this place. Planting is carried out from May to early September.

Oak miller is grown in nonresidential premises, in a clean and cool place, which is reliably protected from sunlight hit. The role of the substrate in this case will be played by sawdust of larch and other similar plants. They are disinfected by steam processing or boiled for 60 minutes. This substrate is placed in plastic bags that are tightly tied. The bags are cut on the sides, open areas should be at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. Pieces of mycelium are poured into slots.

In order for the mycelium to develop correctly and quickly, in the room before the occurrence of fruit bodies, the temperature should not be higher than +20, then this indicator can be reduced to +15.

Gathering rules

Special skills to collect this miller do not need to have. If you find a group of close mushrooms, then you should examine the surroundings. Often there is another such group or very young specimens that are hidden in the grass.

Oak milfs need to be cut under the root or carefully pulled out of the soil. To convey the mushrooms intact, you need to lay the millets with rows with plates up.

Interesting Facts

  1. Little iron oak not very tasty mushroom, and its nutritional indicators are not valued, since in reference books for future mushroom pickers, it belongs to the 4th category. Truffle also includes the same category the most expensive mushroom.
  2. Gorky juice of the Mlechik is needed to repel pests, including worms.
  3. The life cycle of this mushroom varies from 10 to 15 days.
  4. In Western Europe, this mushroom is considered inedible.
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