Olkhovaya pig photo and description of the mushroom, how it looks and where it grows

Pig Olkhovaya (latch. Paxillus Rubicundulus) is a rather rare type of mushrooms that belongs to the pig family. The name is due to the fact that it is most often met under aspen or alder. Refers to poisonous mushrooms, although many scientists categorically disagree with this, preferring to attribute this view to conditionally sedimentary mushrooms.


At a young age, specimens of this species have a convex hat, the edges of which are tucked towards the legs. In its size, the hat reaches fifteen centimeters in diameter. The form changes over time, acquiring disproportionate curvatures, straightening and compacting. A recess appears in the center, from which cracks spread throughout the diameter. The color of the hat is light brown or light gray, but there are also copies with a yellow or reddish tint. The surface to the touch is dry, covered with scales of dark tones, but after the rain they are covered with mucus and becomes a sticky. Plates have an uneven shape with jumpers at the base. The color is slightly lighter than that of the hat, but otherwise they merge with it. With a slight pressure, you can notice darkening at the edges.

The length of the legs is not particularly large, basically the mushroom grows up to ten centimeters in height and up to two in width. The form is cylindrical, narrows to the base. The leg inside has a cavity. The coloring is the same as that of the legs. Orange spots may appear with age, which are a sediment of a spore powder. The pulp darkens when cutting and pressing, but this happens after a couple of minutes.

Where it grows

As the name says, representatives of this species prefer to settle under alder and aspen. You can meet them in many deciduous forests of the world, including in the CIS. Grows in groups, and the period of fruiting will fall out in the middle of summer and the end of September.


Until 1984, this species belonged to conditionally sedentary mushrooms, people ate him with pleasure and did not suspect anything. According to many mushroom pickers, Pig Olkhovaya has a pleasant mushroom taste, especially after cooking. Unfortunately, during a thorough study, scientists saw that the mushroom contains muscarin poison, which cannot be eliminated even after severe heat treatment. It is much more active than that of fly agaric, therefore it carries a great danger to human life. Mushroom pickers often emphasize that pigs are often worried, which means that they are not lifethreatening. It is a mistake to believe that the poisonous mushrooms do not touch the worms, but the same fly agaric became the food of many insects and their larvae.

Similar views

The appearance of the mushroom, despite all the usualness, is quite rare, so there are no similar species. The only species that is somehow similar to the pig of Olkhova is her fellow is a thin pig. Of the differences, only a large number of scales on the hat can be distinguished, as well as a yellowish-red color. It becomes problematic because of it to confuse the species, but you should still be careful. In addition, the pig is thin also poisonous and is a danger to human life.

The pig is thin

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