Olusha photo and description of a bird where it lives, what eats, reproduction

Olush bird looks funny and sometimes stupid. The animal is quite clumsy and moves comically by land, and therefore got the name. However, the birds are very trusting and friendly, they are not at all afraid of a person. Olushi love to dwell in warm tropical seas. You can meet large birds in Mexico, on the islands near Peru and Ecuador. To date, there are very few animals and their number, unfortunately, is reduced, because Olushi is strictly protected by law.

general characteristics

The body length of Olushi is in the range from 70 to 90 cm, the weight of adult individuals is from 1.5 to 2 kg. Birds can wave wings up to 2 m and gain speed up to 140 km/h. There are special air pillows under the skin of the animal’s head to help soften the blow to the surface of the water.

Olushi has a short and dumb tail, an oval body, not too long neck. Animal wings are narrow and long, which increases their endurance. Birds have membranous paws, straight and sharp beaks, small teeth. The nasal holes of the boobs are closed with feathers, which makes breathing difficult, so the air enters through the beak.

Olush has a binocular vision, tightly adjacent to the body, the paw of bright blue color.

Types of birds

There are four types of Olush:

  • brown to meet birds most likely in the tropical belt of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Adults grow up to 75 cm in length with a weight of 1.5 kg. It is almost unrealistic to see animals on land;
  • Redbearing representatives of birds live mainly in the Pacific Ocean. Birds reach 70 cm in length, have plumage of light shades. There are black colors on the ends of the wings. A characteristic feature of Olush is red, membranous paws and blue beak;
  • Blueleaved is the largest representative of Olush, who reaches 85 cm in length and has a wingspan up to 170 cm. The mass of the bird varies from 1.5 to 2.5 kg. Distinctive features of a sea resident are white plumage, a black mask on the face, a bright yellow beak in males and greenish-yellow in females. You can meet a bluefaced Oulush in Australia, South Africa and America;
  • Golubogai-representatives of this group of birds are distinguished by bright blue swimming memes on the legs. Olush has long, pointed wings, brown-white plumage. Females grow larger than males, they also have a unique dark pigment ring around the pupils. Olushi live mainly in Mexico, Peru and not far from Ecuador.
  • All kinds of Olush fly perfectly, dive and swim.

    Behavior and nutrition

    Sea birds live in flocks, the number of which may exceed several dozen. Olushi are looking for food throughout the day and are considered calm, peaceful animals. Flocks often “hover” in the air, carefully peering into the ocean, after which they sharply fall into the water.

    Favorite food of Olushi are cephalopods and fish. Sea birds feed on herring, anchovies, sprats, sardines, sandstone. Skillful hunters catch fish while emerging from the water. They are helped by acute vision and strong beak in this. Sometimes oolus replenish their diet with algae, in which there are also many vitamins and trace elements.

    Features of reproduction

    Sea birds build nests on sandy islands, coasts, sites with small rockiness. During the wedding season, males beautifully take care of females. During the period of solitude, the steam is located opposite each other and crosses the raised beaks. The female can postpone from 1 to 3 eggs. The incubation period lasts no more than 44 days. Both parents arise offspring, warming him not with feathers, but paws. Completely naked chicks are born, which already at three months of age leave their native nest.

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