Opencovered (solitary) photo and description of the mushroom where it grows and how it looks like

Light oyster. Pleurotus Calyptratus) edible mushroom from the family Weekly. Also known as the oyster mushroom is covered or solitary.

How it looks

The hat sits tightly on the leg and on average reaches 8-12 centimeters in diameter, sometimes it can grow up to 15. At the beginning of growth, it looks like a small kidney, after it takes a fanshaped shape. The edges of the hat are wrapped down, do not change with age. Near the base is smooth, has a lot of mucus. The color in the usual state varies from brownish-gray to dark brown. During the drought, it looks like silver and has clearly expressed glare. In the sun fades and becomes completely white.

There are no legs as such, but there may be a centimeter process with which the mushroom is attached to the fruit body.

The plates have a thick protective film, it was valid with a lighter than that of a hat. During growth, this film breaks away from the base of the hat. In his youth, the remains of the bedspread remain and are very noticeable even without detailed examination of the mushroom. Sometimes even an adult copy can be seen at the edges of the hat.

The pulp is solid, in the context of the color does not change the color, in its properties it resembles rubber. The taste and smell is weak, so the mushroom is rarely eaten. Many describe the smell of oyster mushrooms covered as “aroma of raw potatoes”.

Where it grows

Basically, this mushroom grows in the central regions of Europe and in the north. Find it on the territory of Western Siberia. As a companion for symbiosis, he prefers fallen trees, can also settle near dry trees, for example, aspen or fir. Fruit throughout the year, but not too often. It is best to collect from the end of April until the beginning of August. It basically does not grow in groups, so it has a second name, “lonely oyster mushroom”.

Listed in the Red Book of Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.


There are no doubles and similar species as such, since this species has many external and internal signs that other mushrooms do not have. This is: the complete absence of the legs, the growth of near the fallen aspen and the presence of a dense bedspread that protects the mushroom from damage. Sometimes a bedspread can remain in another member of the family, oyster mushrooms, but she has a leg and it, as it follows from the name, grows exclusively on oak.

Photo of oyster mushrooms

origin of name

This mushroom got its name according to the obvious external signs: the fruit bodies of the oyster mushrooms covered with a large and solid layer of film, unlike other representatives of the family. Also, unlike its counterparts, this mushroom grows not at clusters, but single specimens or small groups. It is because of this that the mushroom is often called single.

Edible or not?

Although the mushroom is attributed to the 4th grade of edibility in the classification, it is not recommended for it. The pulp has a rubber consistency, which is quite problematic to fry or boil. Some lovers are not afraid of such difficulties and eat oyster mushroom even without processing, but it is dangerous: without it there is a great probability of poisoning.

How to cook

According to scientists, the family of wezen has many useful substances in its composition. They perfectly saturate the human body and give a lot of energy, beneficial vitamins and minerals like salt or calcium, as well as other trace elements. Very often these mushrooms are compared with fish in composition of useful components.

Weekly and folk medicine are used. They are an excellent means to lower blood sugar levels. Sometimes some separate elements are used in neurology. All these properties explain why they began to be used on an industrial scale even on the territory of Eurasia. The mycelium of these mushrooms without any problems can be found in specialized stores. Oyster mushrooms unpretentious mushrooms, they are grown even at home.

There is no recipes for making this particular type, but if you still want to take a chance and taste them, then you can use standard recipes for cooking oyster mushrooms:

  1. Fried mushrooms in soy sauce. The products that you need: the oyster mushrooms themselves in the amount of 500-600 grams, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, a pair of garlic cloves, oil for frying and spice to your taste. Mushrooms must be thoroughly washed under a stream of warm water and chop large. After that, all garlic teeth are cut with plates. Vegetable oil is heated in a pan, garlic is laid out in it and fried until a golden crust is formed, after which it is removed. Then, when garlic oil boils in a pan, you need to lay out mushrooms and fry them for 3-5 minutes. At this time, one or two cloves of garlic through the press are pushed and added to mushrooms. Fry for another minute. Ultimately, when the mushrooms are almost ready, pour soy sauce to them and wait until it evaporates. The dish is ready.
  2. Macaron with mushroom sauce. Boil the pasta and begin to cook the sauce. Olive oil is heated in a large pan, mushrooms are laid out and fried to golden brownish color for 5 minutes. Reduce the fire, add the garlic to the pan and stir. We cook for about 7 minutes. Add spices to the sauce and remove from the stove. Macarons are refueling on top and ready to use.
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