Operation of construction forests and scaffold

Scientists say that anthropogenic activity negatively affects the state of nature. Environmental problems of forests are one of the global problems of our time. If the forest is destroyed, then life will disappear from the planet. This must be realized by those people on whom the safety of the forest depends. In ancient times, people revered the forest, considered a breadwinner and treated him carefully.
Intensive deforestation of forests is not only the destruction of trees, but also animals, the destruction of the soil. People whose life depends on the forest become environmental refugees, since they lose their means for existence. In general, forests are covered by approximately 30% of the land. Most of all on the planet of tropical forests, and northern coniferous forests are also important. At the moment, the safety of the forest is a big problem for many countries.


A special place in the ecology of the planet has a tropical forest. Unfortunately, there is now intensive deforestation in Latin America, Asia, Africa. For example, 90% of the forest has already been destroyed on Madagascar. In Equatorial Africa, the area of ​​forests was reduced by half, when compared with the indicators of the precolonial period. More than 40% of tropical forests were cut down in South America. This problem should be solved not only locally, but also globally, since the destruction of the forest will lead to the environmental disaster of the entire planet. If the cutting of tropical forests does not stop, then 80% of the animals will die, which now live there.

Forest operation spheres

Forests of the planet are actively cut down, since wood is valuable and used for various purposes:

  • in the construction of houses;
  • in the furniture industry;
  • in the manufacture of sleepers, wagons, bridges;
  • in shipbuilding;
  • in the chemical industry;
  • for the manufacture of paper;
  • in the fuel industry;
  • for the manufacture of household items, musical instruments, toys.
  • Solving the problem of forest operation

    You can not close your eyes to the problem of forest exploitation, since the future of our planet depends on the functioning of this ecosystem. To reduce wood cutting, it is necessary to reduce the use of wood. First of all, you can collect and pass the waste paper, from paper media to switch to electronic. Entrepreneurs can develop such a sphere of activity as forest farms where valuable types of trees will be grown. At the state level, you can increase fines for unauthorized deforestation and increase the fee for wood export. When the demand for wood decreases, it is likely to decrease and defore.

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