OPSSUM animal | Where it lives, what is eaten, the types of murmurs, interesting facts

Oposum of small sizes amazing animal, known for its cunning. The Opossumov family has two subfamily, in which 17, completely different from each other’s subspecies.


These animals are small in size: from seven to fifty centimeters long. The tail, as a rule, is very powerful and tenacious in all subspecies (the tail length varies from 4 to 55 centimeters), which they additionally hold onto the branches. The weight of the animals is also very different. For example, the weight of an adult chacoe graceful opossoma does not exceed 40 grams. Когда более известный сородичи обыкновенный и виргинский опоссумы достигают 6-ти килограммов веса.

The fur in these species is quite long and thick. The color of the body is gray, the legs are dark, almost black. The muzzle is elongated and has a light (almost white) color.


The habitat of the Opossomes is very wide and begins in the southeastern part of Canada, then passes through almost all the eastern states (from Western Virginia to Alabama). Also, opossums are quite widespread on the South American continent: in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia. Some species can be found in the Caribbean islands.

These animals prefer to settle in forests, steppes and semideserts. There are known species that live at an altitude of up to 4 thousand meters above sea level.

What eats an opess

Opossums omnivorous animals. Fruits (for example, wild grapes or plums), seeds and cereals fall into their diet (for example, corn from the fields). Quite calmly can eat a small rodent. Various lizards, frogs, snails, slugs and worms are also included in a diverse diet. Small birds can also get for lunch to opossoma. Favorite delicacy bird eggs. Wasons finds a nest, clings to its powerful tail by the branch, which grows higher, hanging upside down and steals eggs from the nest.

Since most species of murmurs have natural immunity to some types of snake poisons, snakes also fall into the diet, in particular, some species can hunt for an explosive snake.

Also, in populated areas, opossums often get food from garbage tanks

Natural enemies

Oposums have enough enemies in its natural habitat.

For adults, foxes and lynxes pose a threat. Coyotes also often hunt for murders. Large birds of prey also pose a threat (mainly owls).

For cubs, snakes pose a greater threat.

Interesting Facts

  1. Pregnancy of the Opossomes last only a couple of weeks, or rather until 13 days. The field of which is born up to 25 cubs. They are completely blind and helpless. With a mother, the brood remains up to 3-3.5 months. From two months of age, the cubs travel on the back of the mother, holding on to the wool.
  2. The Virginsky Opossum has only 0.13 grams at birth, and body length is 14 millimeters.
  3. It is believed that the most ancient animals of our planet. And over the long years of evolution have not changed much.
  4. Opossums have a very unusual way to protect against predators. When the beast feels a threat, it falls on its side dead. At the same time, highlighting the caustic and disgusting smell, foam appears from the mouth, and the eyes become glass, the animal practically stops breathing. So the OPSSUM lies for some time until the threat passes.
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