Ordinary kanyuk or Sarych photo and description of the bird where it lives and what eats

An ordinary kanyuk is a mediumsized predator, found throughout Europe, Asia and in Africa, where it migrates for the winter. Due to the large size and brown color, kanyuk is confused with other species, especially with red kite and golden eagle. Birds look the same in a distance, but Kanyuk ordinary has a kind of call, like a cat meow, and a distinctive shape in flight. When taking off and sliding in the air, the tail is swollen, Kanyuk keeps the wings in the form of a shallow “V”. The color of the body of the birds varies from dark brown to a much lighter. All kanyuk has pointed tails and dark wings ends.

Distribution of kanyukov in the regions

This species is found in Europe and Eurasia, some parts of North Africa and Asia in the cold winter months. Kanyuki live:

  • in forests;
  • on heather wastelands;
  • pastures;
  • among shrubs;
  • arable lands;
  • swamps;
  • Wheels,
  • Sometimes in cities.
  • Habits and lifestyle of birds

    An ordinary kanyuk seems lazy when he sits quietly and for a long time on a branch, but in fact it is an active bird that flies back and forth above the fields and forests. Usually he lives alone, but flocks of 20 individuals are formed during migration, kanyuki use the ascending flows of warm air for longdistance flights without much effort.

    Flying over large reservoirs, where there are no thermal sources, such as the Gibraltar Strait, the birds rise as high as possible, then soar over this water space. Kanyuk is an extremely territorial appearance, birds are fighting if the other pair or loners of Kanyuki invade the territory of the couple. Many smaller birds, such as crows and jackdaws, consider kanyukov a threat to themselves and act with the whole flock, drive out predators from a certain area or tree.

    What Sarych eats

    Ordinary kanyuki are carnivorous, they eat:

  • birds;
  • small mammals;
  • Dokhlyatin.
  • If this booty is not enough, birds are fond of rainworms and large insects.

    Breaking rituals of birds

    Kanyuki ordinary monogamous, couples mate for life. The male attracts a partner (or gives an impression on his pair), performing an exciting ritual dance in the air, called “American slides”. The bird flies high in the sky, then turns and sinks, twisting and rotating in a spiral, so that you will immediately rise and repeat the marriage ritual.

    From March to May, a nesting couple builds a nest in a large tree on a branch or horn, usually next to the edge of the forest. The nest is a bulky platform of sticks covered with herbs, where the female lays from two to four eggs. The incubation lasts from 33 to 38 days, and when the chicks hatch, their mother takes care of the offspring for three weeks, and the male brings food. Covering occurs when young animals are from 50 to 60 days, and both parents feed them for another six to eight weeks. At three years old, ordinary kanyuki become reproductively mature.

    Threats view

    Currently, ordinary kanyuk is not at risk on a global scale. The birds of birds were greatly affected by the reduction in the number of rabbits in the 1950s, one of the main sources of food, due to mixomatosis (the disease caused by the mixer virus that affects the hare).

    The number of kanyukov

    The total number of kanyukov is about 2-4 million mature individuals. About 800 thousand-1,400,000 pairs or 1,600,000-2,800,000 mature individuals are nesting in Europe. In general, ordinary kanyuki are currently classified as located outside the risk zone, and their number remains stable. As predators, kanyuki affect the number of types of victims.

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