Ordinary throat photo and description of the bird where it winter and what it eats, interesting facts

Gorlitsa is ordinary, a bird from the Golubny family, a symbol of Christmas holidays, innocence, purity and enduring love.

Gorli embody devotion and love, possibly due to biblical links (especially because of the verse from the song of songs), because of mournful singing and due to the fact that strong couples form.

Description of the Gorlitsa ordinary

A distinctive color strip on the upper part of the neck gives the impression that the pigeon draws his head like a turtle, hence the part of the name “Gorlitsa”. Ordinary throats are light gray or brown with black spots on the wings and white feathers on the tail. The adult male has bright pink spots on the sides of the neck, reaching the chest. The crown of an adult male is clearly distinguishable thanks to a bluish-gray color. Females are similar in appearance, but their feathers are dark brown and slightly smaller in size. The juniors of both sexes look like adult females, only darker.

The marriage rituals of the Gorlits

The graceful bird has an interesting marriage ritual. The male flies and soars in the air, straightening its wings and lowering his head. After he lands, he approaches the female, protruding his chest, shaking his head and screaming loudly. Their marriage call is often mistaken for a cry of owls. If Gorlitsa is impressed by courting, she agrees to romantic mutual grooming of feathers.

As soon as two birds begin to live together, they form a solid pair connection, which they do not interrupt for several seasons of reproduction. Like most birds, ordinary throats nest on trees. But unlike other species, they are nesting on Earth if there are no suitable trees nearby.

Both parents take part in the incubation process. These birds take care of offspring and rarely leave the nests unprotected. If the predator detects the nest, one of the parents uses the maneuver of the bait, pretends to be broken, flies, as if wounded. When the predator approaches, flies away from the nest.

That the throats eat

Compared to other singing birds, the diet of the throat is a little monotonous. They do not eat snails or insects, prefer the seeds of rapeseed, millet, safflore and sunflower. From time to time, the ordinary one eats a little gravel or sand to help digestion. Sometimes they visit bird feeders, but more often look for food on the ground.

Than ordinary throats get sick

The reason for the reduction in the population is trichomoniasis. Recent studies have revealed a high prevalence of infection in horses of ordinary.

Interesting Facts

  1. This is one of the smallest pigeons, weighs from 100 to 180 g.
  2. Gorli arrives at the propagation sites in late April and early May, in late summer and early autumn, returned to West Africa for wintering.
  3. The English throats winter in the halfdisdain areas of Senegal and Guinea. Birds from Eastern Europe in Sudan and Ethiopia.
  4. Migrating birds suffer from delicacies hunters when they fly through the Mediterranean countries. In Malta, the law allows the spring hunt for pigeons, in other countries they hunt for them predatory and illegally.
  5. Gorlitz population has decreased by 91% over the past 10 years. The degeneration of the species is associated with problems in wintering and places of reproduction, and not with hunting.
  6. Seeds beloved food of the throat. The destruction of weeds in agriculture reduces the feed base for the pigeon.
  7. One of the beloved food plants of the throat is a pharmacy smoke. The plant prefers light, dry soils. The study showed that weeds account for 30-50% of the poultry.
  8. The song of the throat is soft, lulling. Singing is heard from the nest all summer.
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