Ordinary Triton photos and description, views that they eat, habitat

One of the most common representatives of amphibians is considered to be ordinary triton. Outwardly it is very similar to the lizard, because it has a small length and mass. The animal is semiwater, as it often spends time, both on land and in water (especially during the breeding period). Ordinary Triton can be found in almost all countries of Europe, as well as in the Caucasus, in Siberia and other regions.

Description and behavior

The size of the triton in length rarely when exceeds 9 cm. The skin of amphibians is tuberous, has a brown-olive color. Depending on the habitat and the marriage period, the color may change. Every week, molt passes for ordinary newtons. The appearance of the animals can be characterized as follows: a large and flat head, a spindleshaped body, a long tail, the same limbs with three and four fingers.

Tritons have very poor vision, but a beautiful sense of smell. They are able to smell the victim at a distance of 300 meters. You can distinguish the female from the male by the color and features of the cover of amphibians. So, male individuals have dark spots and in the marriage period the crest “rises”. Representatives of the family of real salamander can regenerate almost all parts of the body, including organs. The skin of the amphibian distinguishes caustic poison, which can kill another warmblooded.

Ordinary triton swims excellently and can quickly run along the bottom of the reservoir. The animal’s breathing is carried out through gills and skin.

Behavior and main diet

The life of a water lizard is conditionally divided into two periods: summer and winter. The latter is characterized by the departure of amphibian for wintering. For this, adults are looking for safe and hidden refuge or abandoned hole. Trino hibernate in groups, which can consist of 50 individuals. When zero temperature occurs, the water lizard freezes, completely stopping the movement.

Already in early March-April, the newts wake up and begin marriage games. Animals do not like bright sunlight, hot weather, because most of the active pastime are carried out at night.

Earthovodes feed on invertebrates. In water, newtons feed on larvae, crustaceans, caviar and tadpoles. On land, their diet is diverse by rainworms, shell ticks, slugs, spiders, butterflies. While in a pond, the newtons are growing appetite, and they try to fill the stomach as much as possible as much as possible.

Typons of Tritons

There are seven subspecies of amphibians of this group:

  • ordinary differ in the presence of a high gear crest on the back;
  • Triton Lanza loves to live in mixed and coniferous forests;
  • ampel (grape) adults have a short spinal comb, reaching 4 mm in height;
  • Greek mainly found in Greece and Macedonia;
  • Triton Kossviga was seen only in Turkey;
  • South;
  • Triton Schmidtler.
  • In most cases, ordinary newtons are looking for a habitat with rich vegetation, therefore they are found almost throughout the earth.


    By the age of two, newtons have reached puberty. From March to June, they have marriage games, accompanied by special dances and touching the face of the female. To surprise the chosen one, the males stand on the front paws and soon make a strong jerk, as a result of which a stream of water is pushed into the female individual. Male representatives begin to beat themselves with a tail on the sides and watch the female. If a friend is impressed, she leaves, beckoning the chosen one behind herself.

    Females with the help of their cloaks swallow spermatophores left by males on stones, and internal fertilization begins. Female individuals are able to postpone up to 700 eggs, of which larvae appear after 3 weeks. The grown triton goes to land in 2 months.

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