Pacific marshmallow photo and description of the butterfly

This is a butterfly that belongs to the family of a dovecote. Another name of the species HETOPROCK. This species was listed in the Red Book in 1984, because it is threatened by complete disappearance.


The scope of the wings of the insect ranges from 3.6 to 4.4 cm. The wings of marshmallows are brown in brown, they have a dark spot that passes between the veins.

On the aircraft there are strips of blue. The tail of the insect is thin, its length varies from 4.5 to 5.5 mm. Below the wings are painted in white with a silver tint. There are also brown spots on all the wings of the insect. Near the strip you can notice several white spots. Pacific marshmallows have several small strips of orange and on the rear wing. Sephir probe is painted in yellow.


This representative of the Pilvyanka family lives in Eurasia, in the south of the Primorsky Territory. Several large populations live on a blue ridge, not far from a village called Chernyshevka. Butterflies are most often found in forests in the valley. The largest seasonal number is observed in the summer, namely in June-July.

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