Pautinnik beautiful photo and description of the mushroom, how it looks and where it grows

Pautinnik beautiful (lat. Cortinarius Rubellus) received two more names “Boater” or “Pautinnik reddish”. It belongs to the genus of web, which totals about 40 species of various mushrooms. This representative belongs to toxic mushrooms, the use of which can be very dangerous.


Pautinnik beautiful is represented by a hat and a leg. The hat can reach about 8 centimeters in diameter. In young mushrooms, the hat is presented in the form of a cone, and with age it becomes flat with a hillock in the center. The skin covering the surface of the hat is painted in brown or red color. The texture of the hat is velvety and dry, less often scaly. Hat plates grow to the leg. Rarely located. The color of the plates is predominantly brown, but it can have hoarse or rusty shades.

The leg of a beautiful spider can reach a height of 5 to 12 centimeters with a diameter of not more than 1.5 centimeters. The leg itself has a cylindrical shape with a slightly thickened base. The color of the leg is brown with an orange tint. The texture of the surface is fibrous.

The pulp of the fungus is painted in yellowish or orange color. The smell of pulp is sharp and repulsive. Spore powder also brown. Disputes differ in spherical shape with a warty texture.

Territory of growth

You can meet the most beautiful spider in many forests of Europe. On the territory of Eurasia, it can be found in the central and northern regions. Grows in wet climate on acidic soils. It prefers swampy lowlands and coniferous forests as an environment. Forms mycorrhiza with coniferous trees. Most often, one or groups of no more than 5 mushrooms are found. The fruiting period lasts from the end of spring to the beginning of autumn.


The toxicity of this fungus is due to the high content in its composition of the poison as eaglelanine. It acts very slowly, but gives irreversible renal disease. Cases of death were recorded from the use of a web of the most beautiful.

The main danger is the fungus in the fact that the first symptoms appear no earlier than a week after consuming the fungus. Can appear in two weeks. Symptoms of poisoning include: vomiting, stomach pain, burning sensation in the mouth, constant thirst. Symptoms can be preserved for several months. In the event that the services of doctors do not use, then the outcome will be disappointing. Death can occur six months after the use of these mushrooms.

It is important that the poison remains in mushrooms even after prolonged heat treatment. At the first symptoms of departure, it is urgent to call an ambulance.

Similar views

The most beautiful spider can be confused with the same poisonous mushroom as a mountain spider.

Mountain cobweb

The difference between them lies in the rings on the legs: the remains were covered in a mountain spider. It is most often found next to oaks and beeches, where you can meet a beautiful spider very rarely.

With edible mushrooms, the most beautiful spider is similar to a direct cobweb. It is characterized by the smell and the presence of a light leg.

Direct spiderway

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