Pautinnik Plush photos and description of the mushroom, how it looks and where it grows

Pautinnik Plushy (lat. Cortinarius Orellanus) is a very rare mushroom that belongs to the pauinnic family and is considered a deadly poison. Due to the toxins that this mushroom secrete during heat treatment, as well as during a section, a person may have renal and heart failure if, in his own stupidity, someone consumes this mushroom for food. The toxins themselves act very slowly, but if in the coming hours you can’t wash the stomach, then a fatal outcome is quite likely. This clan must be a protective shell, which during the decomposition becomes like a threadlike web. The plush in turn is called the cobweb due to the rough surface of the hat and legs.


The hat of these mushrooms is not particularly large, in diameter reaches 10 centimeters. The form varies depending on age from almost spherical to flat. The color is mostly golden, although often because of the climate you can find brownish, more copper specimens. A huge number of scales that cover the hat make the surface of the spiderinlaw “plush”, and also protects from moisture. Leg in its dimensions medium sizes: length is about 10 centimeters and thickness up to two. In shape, it is close to cylindrical and narrows to the root crop. The surface also has scales and is very soft to the touch.

Disputes grow to the leg and consist of many records that darken and acquire a rusty hue over time. They are rarely located, because of which various insects can settle inside the mushroom. The pulp has a pale color with a yellow tint, however, this is characteristic of most representatives of the family. If you cut it, then by smell it will resemble radish.

Where it grows

Despite the danger to human life, a plush cobweb is considered an extremely rare species that is found only in certain countries. It is difficult to single out the exact range, because it is not known whether it can meet in Eurasia, Asian and other countries, although not a single confirmation of their growth was recorded, so you can not be afraid. Basically, this mushroom is found in some southern European countries. Mikoriza prefers to carry out a birch or oak, loves a warm climatic belt and acidified soil. The growth period is increasingly falling at the beginning of autumn.


Pautinnik Plush this is a mushroom that carries toxins deadly dangerous for humans. No heat treatment is able to destroy the poison, therefore, if the first symptoms of poisoning are detected, which will appear three to four days after eating, you urgently need to go to the hospital and rinse the stomach, and then make the kidneys tests. Most of the poisoning incidents were recorded in Poland, the bulk of the poisoners died.

Similar views

It is quite problematic to highlight certain similar species, since all other spiderways have exactly the same appearance, with the exception of some specific distinctive features. That is why without a specialist you should not go to the forest for these mushrooms, take a closer look at other, more famous and safe options, because life is more expensive than the pursuit of the delicacy.

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