Pearl fly agaric photo and description, edible or not, appearance

Fleeter Pearl is a mushroom related to the clan of the plate and the Amanite family.


The hat of the young fly agaric is usually convex, but as the mushroom is “growing up”, it is noticeably flattened and expanding. The diameter of the hat is often about 10 cm. This part of the fungus is covered by a smooth skin, which is painted in a yellow-brown. Over time, the hat darkens and becomes brown. An important feature of the fungus is that on the surface of the hat there are granular white scales. In white is painted and plate layer with spore powder.

The legs of these mushrooms are usually light brown, but sometimes they can be brighter. The surface of this part of the mushroom is matte and pleasant to the touch. At the bottom of the legs there is a thickening, in shape resembling a tuber. This thickening is covered with folds. In young specimens, insects damage it. They create moves there. The hat itself has a white ring on which the grooves are located.

White and elastic flesh opens on the cut of the mushroom to the eye. In contact with the air, it blushes. Her smell is pleasant, tasted sweet pulp.

Where it grows

Fleeters of the pearl growing in the forests, it is quite common in Europe. The mushroom is unpretentious to environmental conditions and therefore is often found on the territory of the northern hemisphere.

This fly agaric can be easily found in the forest, because it almost always forms mycorrhism with pine and other coniferous trees, with birch. Mushroom can be collected from June to October. Cut fly ages in the middle of the legs.


This mushroom is conditionally present. Raw specimens cannot be eaten, before the meal it needs to be either fried or boiled. Heat treatment should last at least half an hour. Moreover, it is important to remove the skin from the hat and drain the water that remains after cooking. Fleeter cannot be dried due to the fact that in this case toxins will not be removed from it, but for pickling and suction it is suitable.

There are a lot of antioxidants and vitamins in the mushroom. The pulp of fly agaric contains iron and potassium, zinc with magnesium. There are also a lot of vitamin C and B6 in the mushroom.


This fungus can be dangerous for people with stomach ulcer, allergies. It is also contraindicated in pregnant women, children who have not reached the age of 12 years.


The double of fly agaric pearl is his fellow Panther fly agaric.

Panther fly

This poisonous mushroom has a smooth ring at the hat, its pulp does not blush on the cut. The edges of the mushroom cap are covered with folds. Another double is a stocky fly agaric.

Mundined fly agaric

Its flesh also does not blush, and the hat of this mushroom is painted in brown with a gray tint. The most dangerous double is a pale executive. There are simple to distinguish it: there are no white flakes on the hat of this poisonous “sister”.

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