Pelicanshaped birds representatives of a detachment of pelicans with photos and names

A detachment of pelicanshaped (or as they are also called oarmate) counts in their series of approximately 60 species. They live all over the globe. It is united by these birds that they all feed on fish and live near reservoirs. Fingers on the paws are connected by swimming membranes. As well as these families of birds are monogamous, both parents drive nests, hatch eggs and feed the chicks. Usually the female of the oars is laid from one to six eggs. The rest of the birds may differ, have a different body structure, legs and even beak.


Pink pelican

Australian Pelican

Curly pelican

Brown pelican

Gray pelican



North Olusha

Redore Olusha

Brown overwhelming

White Olusha



Small cormorant


Galapagos Kormlan




Due to the fact that the family of pelicanshaped mainly eats the inhabitants of the water world, these birds become a natural regulator of a fish herd. Their stomach has the ability to stretch significantly, which allows you to swallow the entire food. I live oarly in colonies, often very large. It happens that they can get along in the same colony with other species of birds, for example, with herons. Nests on the trees, on the ground, on the rocks. And they try to stay each other.

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