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Growth varies from 60 to 76 cm. Body weight is in the range of 4-5 kg. Sexual dimorphism is expressed in size: females are fewer males.

These penguins have powerful wings and streamlined body. The upper body of the body is black, the lower is painted in white. In the muzzle, yellow chords and red beak are released. This bird has black stripes going from the top of the head to the side of the body. When the birds are on the ground, they rest, standing on the heels and the hard of their short tail.

Where it lives

Schlegel penguins can be found on about. McCoori, Campbell. Sometimes they can be seen on the coast of New Zealand. These birds usually create groups, in one it can be from 70 to 500,000 pairs.

What eats

The penguin diet consists of krill, small fish and plankton. Schlegel penguins drink salty sea water. Salt is excreted from the body through special glands located in the eyes of waterfowl.


Data waterfowl data monogamous. Penguin Schlegel becomes sexually mature at 12 months. The reproduction season starts in September, and ends in March. Representatives of crested penguins are propagated only. Maccuori. The first to come there are males. They build nests for future cubs using branches and small stones. The construction usually takes a month. Then future mothers arrive. They are engaged in laying eggs almost all of October. Closer to the 30th of the month, females begin to lay 2 eggs, the second often much larger than the first. Future parents arise eggs in turn. It takes from 30 to 40 days. The plumage of the cubs when born is gray, with the exception of the tummy it is painted in white.

The chick is in the parent nest for about 20 days. The male protects him, and the female mines food. The kid leaves his house when he performs 70 days.

Natural enemies

Killed and sharks, seals and birds of prey hunt for penguins.

Killed one of the main enemies of the penguins


This species is listed in the MSOP list, its existence in recent decades has been in jeopardy. Many hunted penguins because of the oil that can be obtained from their carcasses. Later, hunting for these waterfowl became outlawed, due to which the number increased to 850,000 pairs. To date, the population remains at this level and is qualified as a stable.

Interesting Facts

  • Schlegel’s penguins have a rather thick fat layer, above which there are 3 layers of plumage: short, dense and waterrepellent.
  • Penguins are forced to starve during molting and during the hatching of offspring.
  • These waterfowls are able to cross with other species of penguins.
  • Under water, representatives of the Penguin family do not communicate with each other, but on land they can scream and make sounds similar to a crack.
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