Pheasant birds members of the family with photos and names | Order pheasant

The pheasant family belongs to the order of galliformes and has over 170 different species, the most famous of which are domestic turkey, black grouse, peacock, pheasant, capercaillie. Representatives of the family can be small birds from 90 g (quail) and large, reaching a mass of 6 kg (for example, peacocks). These birds spend most of their time on the ground, where they find food and nest in earthen pits. They fly little and reluctantly, but they run fast. In this connection, for the most part, they are sedentary birds. Pheasants have pronounced dimorphism: males are brighter and much larger than females.

Asian cupcake

diamond pheasant

Altai Snowcock

bamboo partridge


white-tailed partridge

gray partridge

white-throated francolin

swamp francolin

Other types of pheasant birds

crested francolin

brown-bellied tragopan

white-tailed monal

Collared hazel grouse

Ocellated turkey

Ocellated tragopan


blue grouse

sharp-tailed grouse

Blue eared pheasant

domestic turkey

green peacock

common peacock

green pheasant

golden pheasant


dumb quail

common quail

common pheasant

fire-backed lofur

silver lofur

black lofur

crested argus


Birds of the pheasant family live almost all over the globe. The exceptions are the latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic. Pheasants do not tolerate low temperatures well; they are more common in warm climates. They can also be found in temperate zones. They live in forests, steppes, deserts and semi-deserts and even in mountains. They love thickets of shrubs, where they get their food in the form of berries and seeds. However, they also eat small animals (for example, worms and insects).

Representatives of the family from a conservation point of view do not cause fear of extinction, but there are quite rare species such as, for example, the golden pheasant.

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