Physibob cat breed: characteristics, photo, character, care and content rules


  • Country of origin: Canada, USA
  • Type of wool:
    Shorthaired, longhaired
  • Growth:
    30–35 cm
  • The weight:
    3-10 kg
  • Age:
    from 11 to 13 years old
  • Brief information

  • A devoted, playful and very smart pet;
  • Differs in independence and selfsufficiency, does not like other animals in the family;
  • He loves children.
  • Character

    Pixibob (or Pixie-Bob) resembles a miniature copy of the lynx, but, despite the external resemblance to the wild relative, it differs greatly from her character. First of all, this is a kind and calm pet. He makes contact with children well, and for devotion and love for the owner, many owners jokingly compare pixiboba with a dog.

    This breed was bred in the second half of the last century and went a long way. For decades, breeders sought to get a home cat that would look like a lynx, and partly they succeeded.

    Pixibob has an interesting physiology. Today it is the only breed of cats that is permissible to have a sixth finger (it is located on the back of the paw, above the wrist). Also, representatives of this breed have a short tail (like a lynx). With this feature, they owe shorttailed forest cats living in North America. Unlike most breeds, pixibobes grow up to four years old and have a very unusual breastfeeding for cats and a low voice.

    The character of pixibob is really very similar to a dog. They easily get used to the leash and even study teams.. Cats of this breed are friendly and affectionate, they do not show aggression even towards strangers. They are tied to the owner very strongly and yearn in his absence.

    These cats love to play and can do it at any time. At the same time, the pixibobes are quite jealous and unfriendly in relation to other animals. These cats can be the only pets, they simply will not tolerate others in their house. However, when meeting Pixiboba, they never start a fight first.


    In the vast majority of cases in cats pixibob breed strong health. However, the probability of detecting problems with the reproductive system or thickening of the heart muscle still exists. The future owner of a cat of this breed needs to find out whether the parents of their favorite pet suffered from such diseases. If the answer is positive, then in the future it will have to be examined annually by a veterinarian to detect diseases at an early stage and avoid serious complications.

    Pixibob’s thick wool requires weekly combing. This procedure removes dead hairs and makes the cat’s coat smooth and brilliant. It is necessary to bathe squeakbob as necessary, but it is better to do this no more than once a month, but also at least once every six months. It is also important to monitor the cleanliness of the oral cavity.

    Conditions of detention

    Pixibob is not a sofa cat. He loves to move, overcome various obstacles and conquer the peaks. For this reason, it will be useful to go for walks with him (their frequency depends on the activity of the pet, the time of year and weather). So that walks are pleasant to both a pet and the owner, it is necessary to teach a pixibob from childhood to a leash and a harness.

    Large representatives of the breed are not suitable for a small apartment: for a comfortable life, they need a spacious place for games and a house.

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