Pine white mushroom (Borovaya) photo and description, where it grows, how it looks and when to assemble

Pine or Borovaya white mushroom (lat. BoléTus PINóPhilus) belongs to the group of tubular. As a rule, dark brown, burgundy, brick, sometimes purple color. The pulp smells of fried nuts. Fruit body of the mushroom of dense texture and fleshy consistency.

How it looks

Large hat, dense, up to 20 cm in diameter, sometimes up to 30 cm. Hemispherical, has a bulge in the center. In rainy weather it is covered with gloss, as a lot of mucus stands out at this time. And in the arid hat acquires dullness.

The color of the pulp is predominantly white in the context, has a characteristic mushroom aroma. The hat is tubular, has round supports. The legs are massive, thick, up to 10 cm high, white or brown.

Smooth powder is smooth on the surface, green, yellowish, olive, brown.

How it spreads

Based on the name, we can say that the mushroom is adjacent to the pine.In addition to it, the mushroom cohabits with spruce, oak, chestnut and beech. Prefers to grow on sandy soils, even on the sea coast along the beaches. Grows in a small group or one at a time.The fruiting period begins in the end of June and lasts until midautumn. Sometimes there are specimens even after the first frosts in the fall.

Where it grows

Can be found in the Urals, Southern Siberia, in Southern Europe, Central America.

Mushrooms love sandy soil, quite moisturized. Settles on moss and lichen pillows. In swampy places where strong humidity, white pine mushroom does not grow. Does not like temperature fluctuations. Maximum yield is possible in the presence of rainy weather and warm temperature.

How to use

Board white mushrooms belong to the first category of edible mushrooms, it is considered a delicacy, a mushroom with a rich taste and smell.

The pulp concentrated, in the process of thermal processing does not lose its mass. Has a sweet and pronounced taste. Dried mushroom has a pronounced mushroom aroma.

White mushrooms are great for salads, where they can be both in boiled and raw version. It is used in all preparation options: it is fried, boiled, stewed, dried, and also pickled and greasy for the winter.

Interesting information

White mushrooms are considered the most delicious, but pine white mushroom is not as widespread as other representatives of the species. It is much larger than the white mushroom, has a weight of up to 300 grams. It is extremely rare to find a view of 1 kg. Experienced mushroom pickers collect, as a rule, a young mushroom due to the softness of its taste.

Benefits and harm

  • Due to the chemical composition, white pine fungus contains many trace elements and vitamin that has a useful effect on a person.
  • Contains a minimum number of calories, but is able to saturate appetite. Ideal for full people who want to lose weight. Provides a sufficient level of protein, ideal for using vegetarians.
  • Is an immunostimulant, strengthens the body, fights with various infectious diseases.
  • Contains many lipids, have a beneficial effect on the liver, restores damaged cells.
  • It includes substances similar to antibiotics that destroy pathogenic bacteria.
  • Due to the content of the styrene, the activity of the endocrine system improves, the hormonal and reproductive system is normalized, sugar indicators are reduced.
  • Poor cholesterol prevents the development of thrombosis and atherosclerosis, which is especially important with cardiovascular diseases.
  • Iron, which is rich in white pine fungus, increases hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Due to amino acids and vitamin, it favorably affects sleep, removes from the state of depression.

The mushroom can only be harmful if it grows near places with an unfavorable environmental situation.

People who are allergic should not eat mushroom dishes, including from pine white mushroom.

Assembly rules

Mushroom pickers are looking for a pine booth in the forest, far from the zones polluted by the industry, landfills. Collected by cutting, while in the case of darkening of the cut, the collected mushroom is thrown away.

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