Plants of moist tropical forests of Africa and South America

The world of flora of tropical forests is very diverse. Among the trees that grow on the coasts you can find coconut palm. Their fruits are very useful, used in cooking and cosmetology.

Coconut palm

Here you can find different types of banana plants that people use as fruits and vegetables, depending on the stage of maturation.

Banana plant

One of the tropical plants is mango, among which the type of mango Indian is the most famous.

Mango Indian

A melon tree, more known as a papaya, grows in forests and has great economic importance.

Melon, papaya

Bread tree is another representative of forests who have a very appreciated nutritional fruits.


One of the family of mulberry trees is Marang.


In moist tropical forests you can meet the Durian plant. Their flowers grow directly on the trunks, and the fruits are protected by thorns.


In South Asia, Morinda citrusolite grows, has edible fruits, which are part of the diet of the population of some Pacific islands.

Morinda is citrusolite

Petita is a lyanical cactus of tropical forests, has sweet and edible fruits.


One of the interesting tropical plants is the Rambutan tree. It reaches a height of 25 meters and is evergreen.


In the tropical forests, small evergreen trees of the guava form grow.


The fastgrowing evergreen tropical tree of Persei is American is nothing more than an avocado plant that is found in many forests.

Persei American, avocado

Different types of ferns, mosses and lichens, vines and epiphytes, bamboo, sugarcane, and cereals grow in tropical forests.





Epiphyte on a tree




Tropical forest levels

Typically, the tropical forest has 4-5 tiers. On the upper trees grow up to 70 meters. These are evergreen trees. In seasonal forests, they drop foliage during the drought. These trees protect the lower levels from the wind, precipitation and cold. Then the tier of the crown (canopy) begins at the level of 30-40 meters. Here the leaves and branches fit very tightly to each other. It is very difficult for people to achieve this height to explore the world of flora and fauna of the canopy. They use special methods and aircraft. The average level of forest is a undergrowth. A kind of living world has been formed here. Then the litter follows. These are various herbal plants.

Flora of tropical forests is very diverse. Scientists have still studied these forests little, since they are very difficult. In the future, new species of plants in tropical forests will be opened.

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