Plants of the family of mimosa representatives with names

Mimosa this is a family, which includes dicotyledonous plants that are related to bean. Representatives belong to the cover. It is mainly represented by trees and small shrubs with small flowers and growing in subtropics. The leaves are usually doublefingered, but sometimes phillodial. Some use as a source of tannins. Copies can have a height of 12 m, but in “native” places this number can reach 45.  No exception is a rough mimosa, which is often used as a landscape decoration.

Silver acacia

Mimosa is bashful

Mimosa lazy

Mimosa is rough


Representatives of the mimosa are distinguished by love for a warm climate and soil saturated with vitamins. Among them there are those who form a semblance of thickets, among them we can note silver acacia. The wood bark is therapeutic, helps with diseases of the stomach, and oil is actively used in cosmetology as a means of relieving inflammation. Aromatherapy with it is also effective: relieves nervousness. The homeland of the plant is Australia, it grows in Sochi, Georgia. It, like mimosa bashful, does not tolerate the temperature below 8 degrees.

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