Plants of the forest zone of Eurasia | Forest plants of Eurasia

Forest is an ecosystem that consists of several components. As for the flora, there are a huge number of species in the forests. First of all, these are trees and shrubs, as well as annual and perennial herbaceous plants, moss and lichens. Forest plants play a key role in the process of photosynthesis, namely they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Plants in the forest

Forest, first of all, form trees. Pines and firs grow in coniferous forests, if larch. They occupy the northern lanes of the country. The farther south, the more diverse the vegetation becomes, and in addition to conifers of trees, some broadleaved species are sometimes found, such as maple, birch, beech, grab, birch. In those natural areas where the forest becomes completely broadleaved, no coniferous plants are found. Here, oak and ash, linden and alder, forest apple and chestnut grow everywhere here.
In various forests there is a wide variety of shrubs. These are rosehips and hazel, honeysuckle forest and mountain ash, juniper and hawthorn, raspberries and birch bark warty, bird cherry and lingonberry, viburnum and elderberry.

Huge species diversity are annual and perennial herbs in the forest:




The celandine is large


Source is ordinary


Sowing swamp


Grushanka is roundleaved

Dog ordinary

Tsmin sandy

Lobaznik is tough

Dudnik Forest

The fighter is blue

Zelenchuk is yellow


Bodyak swamp


In addition to herbs, flowers are found in the forest. This is a holler violet and a snowdrop, a rose and a peachleaved bell, anemona and a forest geranium, anemone and a crest, a golden wolf and wisteria, a scilary and a arrangement, a swimsuit and an oak tree, a Gorizvet Kukushkin and oregano ordinary, anonymous swamp and ordinary Surenka is ordinary.

Holmers violet

Persian bell

Gorizvet Kukushkin

Using forest plants

Forest is a valuable natural resource for people from time immemorial for centuries. Wood is used as building material, raw materials for the manufacture of furniture, dishes, tools, household items and culture. The fruits of shrubs, namely nuts and berries, are used in food to replenish vitamin reserve, proteins, fats and other valuable substances. There are many medicinal plants among herbs and flowers. They are used in traditional and folk medicine for the manufacture of ointments, decoctions, tinctures and various drugs. Thus, a forest is a valuable natural object that gives a person a lot of resources for life.

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