Plants of the North of Eurasia and the European part photo and name

The harsh climatic conditions of the North predetermined Fauna and Flora: there are many mosses and lichens, stunted shrubs and coniferous trees like spruce and larch. Lichens, for example, are food for mammals. There is a black spruce, a very frostresistant plant, like a cedar. Exotic red spruce is also found. Here you can find a unique plant Kergelensky cabbage. She is edible, has fleshy leaves. There are blue-green algae in these parts that can perform photosynthesis.

Plants of the Far North

Red spruce

Black spruce

Greenland bagel


Malina is great



Dwarf birch


Siberian juniper

Polar willow


Cedar stelic

Kergelenskaya cabbage

Lisochrosost alpine

Arctic pike

Polar poppy

Alpine yaskolka


Blue-green algae


Icelandic moss

Reindeer moss




There are a lot of types in the north, but usually they are well adapted to frost and a lack of food. Among the plants you can find berries, such as clogging and inedible stubborn, which is dangerous for humans. Infusions are made from her leaves, but they should not abuse them. There is a Siberian juniper, as a result of the flowering of which small fruits appear that are suitable for consumption. Here you can find an ordinary heather that has useful properties thanks to flavonoids and alkaloids.

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