Plants of wet equatorial forests | Plant world of equatorial forests

The world of equatorial forest is a complex and rich in vegetation ecosystem of the Earth. It is located in a hot equatorial climatic zone. There are trees with valuable wood, medicinal plants, trees and bushes with exotic fruits, magnificent flowers. These forests are impassable, so their flora and fauna is not well studied. At least about 3 thousand trees and more than 20 thousand flowering species of flora grow in equatorial wet forests.

Equatorial forests can be found in the next parts of the world:

  • in Southeast Asia;
  • in Africa;
  • In South America.
  • Different levels of equatorial forest

    The basis of the equatorial forest is trees that grow in several tiers. Their trunks are entwined with vines. Trees reach height 80 meters. The bark on them is very thin and the flowers and fruits grow directly on it. There are many types of ficuses and palm trees, bamboo plants and ferns in the forests. More than 700 species of orchids are presented here. Among the species of trees you can find banana and coffee trees.

    Banana tree

    A coffee tree

    Also in the forests, wood-kakao are common, the fruits of which are used in medicine, cooking, cosmetology.


    Rubber is extracted from Gvei Brazilian.

    Brazilian gvee

    Palm oil used all over the world for the manufacture of creams, shower gels, soap, ointments and various cosmetic, hygiene products, for margarine and candles is prepared from the oil palm.


    Seiba is another type of plant, whose seeds are used in soapworking. A fiber is extracted from its fruits, which is then used to stuff toys and furniture, which makes them soft. This material is also used to sound insulation. Among interesting species of the flora of equatorial forests, it should be called ginger plants and mangroves.

    At the middle and lower levels of the equatorial forest, mosses, lichens and mushrooms, ferns and grass can be found. In places, reeds grow. There are practically no shrubs in these ecosystems. Plants of the lower tier have quite wide foliage, but the higher the plants, the leafs decrease.


    The equatorial forest occupies a wide strip of several continents. Here the flora grows in rather hot and humid conditions, which ensures its diversity. A lot of trees grow that are of different heights, and flowers and fruits cover their trunks. Such thickets are practically untouched by a person, they look wild and beautiful.

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