Platesaurus: massive herbivorous lizard

Compared to the giant sauropods of the Jurassic, Plateosaurus was of medium size. However, in the Late Triassic, he was the largest animal and the first truly large dinosaur on Earth.

Plateosaurus belongs to the prosauropod group, a small group of dinosaurs closely related to sauropods. Prosauropods were widespread in the Late Triassic and became extinct by the end of the Early Jurassic.

Features of the structure of the dinosaur:

  • Small and narrow head compared to body size.
  • The eyes are on the sides of the head, thanks to which the dinosaur saw what was happening around and quickly noticed the danger.
  • Pear shaped body.
  • Long flexible neck.
  • Developed fingers on the forelimbs.
  • The dinosaur moved on two hind legs, while the front ones were very strong, but twice as short, and ended in tenacious fingers. The eyes looked to the sides, and not forward, which made it possible to better see the environment and notice predators in time. Since he ate vegetation, if necessary, he rested his tail on the ground and could reach branches with tasty leaves at a height of 5 meters.

    Plateosaurus were gregarious dinosaurs. They lived along the banks of reservoirs of the Triassic period. Or wandered through the Triassic deserts in search of food and life-giving moisture. Given its size, Plateosaurus needed a lot of food daily.

    PlaZavr, like other dinosaurs of the Triassic and Jurassic, food, he did not chew, but swallowed stones, and only then with their help the vegetable mass was finally rubbed and digested in the stomach. Only dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period adapted to chew food.

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