Poisonous fish of the Black Sea photos with names and description

The Black Sea is one of the main and famous internal seas in the world. This outskirts of the Atlantic Ocean, located between Eastern Europe and West Asia, have long become legendary. The name displays a rather inhospitable character and a number of unusual features. The vicious nature of the sea water of the Black Sea, due to which the decomposition process occurs slowly in the lower layers, also gave rise to terrible rumors, adding to the piggy bank of the sad fame of the sea.

Black Sea Scorpen

The Black Sea is represented by two subspecies. One lives closer to the shore, small size, fishermen often catch it on fishing rods. Another chose the depth and reaches solid volumes. Scorpen is a fish with pronounced and voluminous fins, many growths on the body and a huge mouth. An important feature is the poisonous glands at the base of the fins and in gill covers, and the poison is strong, affects people who have allergies, problems with the vascular and respiratory system.

Sea dragon

Hides along the shores of the Black Sea coast, attacks people from the bottom of the sea, where it buries in the sand. Only the eyes are above the surface of the bottom, the fish watches those who swim past to poison and eat. People are trying to catch with their bare hands, because, in appearance, the dragon resembles bulls. The fish is sadly known for poisonous spikes that are like serious injuries to a person. Because of the thorns and powerful poison, fish is classified as one of the most poisonous in the Black Sea.

Sea cow or star

In length 20-25 cm, but reaches in exceptional cases 40 cm with a weight of 900 g. A massive head and a body with an almost round section, contracts to the tail. At the top of the head are small eyes with protected transparent cover pupils, a huge opening of the mouth with rows of teeth, bent inside to hold the victims. Head, curved, protected by 4 bone plates. Two powerful poisonous spikes behind the gill bone poisoned many fishermen who casually extract a stargament from the hook.

Sea cat (ordinary tail)

Skates live on relatively small water up to 50-60 m in depth. They prefer a sandy, mud or pebbling seabed, where they circle around rocky formations surrounded by clean soil. The tailbone meets in small groups or one at a young age at a young age of small marine inhabitants of the bottom, rummages in bottom sediments, digs out of shelters, collects dead and rotting fish. As he becomes older and more, goes to hunting in small fish, refuses crustaceans and invertebrates.


There are few species of fish in the Black Sea, because water contains little oxygen. This is bad for fishing, and not just for biodiversity of water life. And among rare species adapted to survival in low oxygen water, there are several species of poisonous fish. It is unlikely that an adult will die after contact with representatives of the poisonous aquafauna, but also little pleasant from the amazing effect of neurotoxins of Black Sea fish.

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