Poisonous fish of the seas and oceans photos and names

Among the huge number of fish species, a whole group is distinguished with the ability to produce poison. As a rule, it is used as defense, helping the fish cope with large predators. In most cases, poisonous fish live in a tropical belt, although some are also present in Eurasia.

Almost always in the structure of such water inhabitants there is one or many spikes with which an injection is performed. Special glands that distinguish the poison “moisten” the spike, therefore, when it is penetrated into another organism, infection occurs. The consequences of the effects of fish poisons are different from light local irritation to death.

Poisonous representatives of the sea fauna, as a rule, have a nonstandard coloring, and skillfully merge with the bottom. Many hunt, almost completely digging into the sand. This further increases their danger to humans. Such fish rarely attack the first, more often an inexperienced swimsman or a diver sets in and gets an injection.

The simplest and most common fish, in a prick of the poisonous spikes of which everyone can sea perch. Even bought in a store, after freezing, it has a light poison on spikes. An injection of them leads to local irritation that does not pass for about an hour.


This fish is considered the most poisonous in the world. On her back there are the most acute spikes, through which strong poison comes out. Borodovka is dangerous in that it is very similar to a stone and is practically not noticeable on the seabed. The injection of her spikes without urgent medical care leads to death.


This fish is distinguished by the ability to quickly swell to the shape of the ball. This is due to the gaining of a large amount of water in the stomach. Most species of fish-shara have toxic needles that cover the whole body. Such protection makes it almost invulnerable.


Lives in the bottom layer of water. Differs from other slopes by the presence of a tail with a poisonous spike at the end. The spike is used as a defense. The poison of this slope is dangerous for a person and without timely help can lead to death.


In a calm state, this fish is not much different from others. But if a threat occurs, it is able to puff like a ball, becoming too big for most hunters for her. There are small spikes on the body that select the poison.

Lid (zytra fish)

Tropical fish with luxurious fins stained. Among the fins there are sharp poisonous spikes used as defense. Zebra fish is a predator that is the object of commercial fishing: it has tender and tasty meat.

Big Marine Dragon

During the hunt, this fish is buried in the sand, leaving only eyes on the surface, located very high. Plavniki and gills are equipped with poisonous spikes. The poison of the sea dragon is very strong, cases of death are known after the injection of the spike.


The original appearance of the fish allows it to easily get lost among the seabed. Inimicus hunts, arranging an ambush in sand or under a stone, so it is very difficult to detect it. Spikes in the spinal part causes severe pain.

Sea bass

Fish with body length from 20 centimeters to one meter. The structure of the fins provides sharp needles that easily pierce the skin of a person and leave a portion of poison behind. It is not fatal, but causes persistent painful irritation.

Sea ruff (Scorpen)

A small fish that can completely throw off the old skin. Molting is possible up to two times a month. Scorpen has very tasty meat and is eaten for food. However, when fishing and cooking, spikes on the body of fish should be avoided an injection leads to irritation and local inflammation.

Skat tail

One of the most dangerous slopes. Has a long thin tail, at the end of which there is a sharp spike. In case of danger, the tail can very actively and skillfully wield his tail, affecting the attacker. The sploat prick brings both serious physical trauma and poison infection.

The prickly shark Katran

This type of sharks is the most common in the world. Katran does not pose a serious danger to a person, but can cause an easy injury. The rays of the fins have glands that produce poison. The injection is very painful, causes irritation and local inflammation.

Arab surgeon

Small fish with beautiful contrasting coloring. Has sharp fins equipped with poisonous glands. The fins are folded in a calm state, but if a threat occurs, they are laid out and can be used as a blade.

Fogu fish

Strictly speaking, “Fugu” is the name of the Japanese delicacy that is prepared from brown rock. But it so happened that Scalozub also began to call a fugue. Its internal organs contain a strong poison that can easily kill a person. Despite this, Scalozub is prepared using a certain technology, after which they eat.

Swab fish

Mediumsized fish living around the bottom. Hunting, burying in the sand. The injections of her toxic spikes cause severe pain and inflammation. A spit fish is distinguished by the ability to make sounds. They can be so loud that they cause painful sensations in the ears of a person.


Poisonous fish are very diverse, but similar in the nature of the introduction of a poisonous substance into the body of a threatening creature. In the vast majority of cases, such representatives of the marine fauna are distinguished by a bright, nonstandard coloring. Often this circumstance does not help to detect the poisonous inhabitant of the sea, but, on the contrary, hides it among multicolored corals, algae and stones.

The most dangerous fish is if they accidentally bother them. Regarding such an act such as a threat, they can cause an injection. Therefore, it is extremely important to observe caution, being in a reservoir with dangerous inhabitants.

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