Poisonous frogs and toads of the world photos, names and descriptions

Frogs and toads are free amphibians, which are widespread almost throughout the world. A large species diversity is represented in hot regions, tropical forests. It is there that poisonous frogs live, capable of killing a person, while not doing anything at all. A fatal outcome can lead to a simple touch to the skin of a similar creature.

The presence of a frog or toad of a poisonous substance serves for selfdefense purposes. The power of poison, like its composition, depends on the specific type. In some species, poison has only a strong irritating effect, others produce strong toxins.

African poisonous frog

Twotone phyllomedusa

Golden Frog or Listolase is terrible (Phylobates Terribilis)

Poisonous treeowners

Threelane leaflase

Ordinary garlic (Pelobates Fuscus)

Green toad (bufo viridis)

Gray toad (bufo bufo)

Redbellied burdock (bombina bombina)

Mesh tree (Ranitomeya Reticulata)

Goldenlegged leafolasis (Phylobates aurotaenia)


The poisonousness of frogs and toads varies in strength, as is the way to develop a poisonous substance. Some species are generally born without the ability to poison anyone. Later they begin to receive toxic components from the ejected uneceships. Such amphibians include, for example, a frog called “terrible leaflase”.

If terrible leaflase is placed in captivity, then, without receiving a specific diet of wild existence, it ceases to be poisonous. But in conditions of freedom, this is a dangerous frog recognized as one of the most poisonous vertebrates on the planet! This is just the case when only a touch to frog skin can lead to a person’s death.

The principle of action and the effect of the poisons of frogs and toads is different. Its composition, as a rule, may include sending, irritating, suffocating, hallucinogenic substances. Accordingly, the ingress of poison into the body causes unpredictable consequences depending on the strength of the immune system and the general state of health.

Separate types of frogs produce such an amount of strongest poison that they were used by wild tribes to coat arrow. The arrow saturated with such a composition became truly fatal weapons.

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